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Can You Believe it? YouTube Banned this Video

[YouTube: 420 420] I’m offended and you should be too.

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Best Caption Wins…

I’ve got a $50 Gift Certificate for the individual that comes up with the best caption for this Anne Leibovitz photo of the Dictator in Chief and his Cabinet. Rules:  Caption must be posted as a comment on this … Continue reading

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Microsoft Must be More Desperate than We Realize but Selling Viagra?

Otherwise how do you explain this odd bit of spam that found its way into my inbox this morning? Okay,  I don’t really believe that Microsoft is trying to sell me cut-rate Viagra, but you have to admire the “testicular … Continue reading

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AP/Blogger Solidarity Post – The Zac Browser for Autistic Children

Note: This post is in response to Jeff Jarvis’ suggestion that all bloggers repost substantially all of any AP story to show solidarity and support for their fellow blogger, Rogers Cadenhead’s community-created Drudge Retort, after it was aggressively threatened by … Continue reading

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Bush Articles of Impeachment to be Voted on by the US House of Representatives Today

President Bush my yet get all the love he deserves from the government he has so effectively co-opted for his own purposes. Today the US House of Representatives votes on on sending articles of impeachment against President Bush to the … Continue reading

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Facebook Reaches New Low: Spamming for Members

Before you start saying that MySpace is the slime of the social networking space you should probably take a look at this nice bit of spam that found its way to my inbox (courtesy of an email address I don’t … Continue reading

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The McCain – RomneyPalin Comedy: Year 3

Today’s unprecedented announcements have lead to mass chaos here in the United States. At this point it is uncertain if a Federal state of emergency will be announced or not, particularly in the former state of California where no one … Continue reading

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Amazing Sports Footage and a Contest.

I just announced a weekly “Guess the Theme of These Videos” contest over at GTDtimes – the website I edit on the Getting Things Done system of organization and productivity developed by David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done: … Continue reading

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Dear GoDaddy, Signed “a Loyal but Annoyed Customer”

Bright and early this morning my email managed to do something that I’m sure everyone’s email does on occasion; it pissed me off. The culprit this beautiful Saturday was the following notice from the domain registrar GoDaddy. (I have truncated … Continue reading

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