In Memorium: Marc Orchant 1957-2007

Marc and Oliver

I received the news around 3PM today that my closest friend, business associate, co-conspirator, sometime mentor, sometime
protege and full time confidante had passed away a week after suffering a massive heart attack at his home in New Mexico. He was 50 years old.Marc is survived by his wife, Sue, his daughter, Rebecca and his son, Jason. They are wonderful people. As much as I hurt for losing my friend, I hurt too for Marc’s family. Marc was a great father, a loyal friend and clearly an amazing husband. For once I seem to be at a loss for words as I try to express my grief and my sympathy for those people closest to Marc; to his loved ones left behind.

From the huge outpouring of love that we’ve seen from the technology community over the past week it is clearly evident just how special a person Marc Orchant was. Nearly everyone whose life he touched remembers Marc with a smile. His kind ways, encouraging words and boundless enthusiasm had a positive impact upon innumerable people. Marc was always the first to lend a hand or volunteer for the hardest job.

He lent an ear to so many people and gave of his time and experience freely where many would have demanded payment for such valuable insight and advice. I cannot count the number of times that Marc listened to problems and offered solutions to me and so many others.

A wonderful orator, an excellent teacher and a productivity expert without peer, perhaps nothing says more about Marc than this; in all the times we attended events, went to meetings, flew across oceans, or spoke on the phone, this man, who was never even 30 seconds late for anything, ever lost patience with me; a person he occasionally described as “having his own time zone”. Thinking back on that now, I think that small thing defines the kind of person Marc Orchant was and the depth of his friendship.

Marc “got” me. Marc “got” everyone. His sparkling wit, warm smile, easygoing way and keen intellect will be missed in so many places. I don’t know of anyone that knew Marc who didn’t like and respect him. He was a credit to our industry, an incredible friend and an asset that the world will sorely miss.

I can’t believe my time with Marc on this earth has come to so abrupt an end. I don’t know how I’ll ever fill the void left by the passing of my friend. I am sure that I echo the thoughts of the countless people that Marc touched in his time with us when I say that I’ll miss him always, but forget him never.

Rest In Peace, Marc. So Long and God Speed.

If You Would Like to Donate to Help Marc’s Family Through this Difficult Time, You Can Do So Here:

Note: Chris Pirillo has posted an incredibly touching video acknowledging Marc’s passing. Please check it out. Thanks, Chris. Your heartfelt words will mean a lot to Sue and Marc’s children, Rebecca and Jason.