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Apple’s Unreasonable Censorship

I guess that the folks at Apple don’t really believe in the first ammendment.  If they did I simply cannot understand why they would refuse to post the following review to the iPhone App Store.  I have looked and cannot … Continue reading

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Frightening Facts About W3C and Truth, Free Speech and the Net

Editor’s Note:  The post below comes direct from one of the best newsletters you will ever have the opportunity to receive for free:  Mercola.com.  This publication by Dr. Mercola covers health, politics, food safety and other topics that should be … Continue reading

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Can You Believe it? YouTube Banned this Video

[YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5U1vCkD2r0&autoplay=0 420 420] I’m offended and you should be too.

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