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VoIP Phishing Fraud Alert: learn how to defend yourself

I just received an invitation from my friend Alec Saunders , CEO of Iotum to join in on a free conference call to discuss AT$T and AMEX’s deployment of auto-dialing technology that, according to Alec, has the potential to desensitize … Continue reading

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Looking for a New Gig… (anyone need a Biz Dev/Strategy/Evangelist/Blogger Type?)

Figured so long as I’m writing I might as well put the word out that I’m seeking a new gig. As the title says, the areas where I have the greatest experience and most useful connections are in the business … Continue reading

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Nokia Launches 4 New Phones: Live Blogging 3GSM World Congress

Nokia has just announced the impending launch of four new handsets to the line up of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. For readers of my prior blogs, it is likely that the N96, the successor to the vaunted N95 … Continue reading

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Live Blogging 3GSM World Congress: Nokia Opening Press Conference

Nokia has a great deal of news this morning including announcing several new phones, improved maps – Nokia Maps 2.0, as well as the first new service based upon their purchase of TWANGO last year: Share on OVI. First, Nokia’s … Continue reading

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Blogger for Hire

In just a couple days I’ll be heading off to Barcelona for another 3 GSM World Congress. This is the mack-daddy, King Kong, monster-truck, fire-breathing, dragster-tractor, king-of-the-cage, free-for-all that all other mobile events can only pretend to be. In other … Continue reading

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Launch in Alpha at Your Own Peril: Izearanks, a study in why not

Rank Zero? That’s what the site says. According to IzeaRanks TechCrunch, which as we all know is – or perhaps I should say was – one of the most popular tech blogs on the planet. This is a new utility … Continue reading

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Something Strange in the Sky Near Las Vegas… a UFO?

[youtube: 375 290] You might not believe in UFOs or the possibility that there’s intelligent life from elsewhere in the Universe visiting earth. You might think I’m nuts since I am convinced that this is the case. Regardless of your … Continue reading

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Albuquerque Arts Post Tribute to Marc Orchant

For those of you that are friends of Marc I was just informed that a local New Mexico publication, Albuquerque Arts, has published and posted a tribute to Marc Orchant. Here’s the link. Having traveled with Marc quite extensively in … Continue reading

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Our Freedom of Speech is Under Attack

Please Re-Post You have to hand it to our current administration. Even in the waning days of their questionably legitimate term in office they’re still trying to make us sit still, shut up, and stop asking questions. This time it’s … Continue reading

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