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Have You Seen Peepel?

I just spent the last few hours engaged in conversation with Stephen Kelly, the Founder and CEO of Peepel. This application was released a few months ago and has been profiled on a number of popular blogs including Mashable, however, … Continue reading

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Please Help Identify These Monsters!

Okay, I have a bit of a mystery and it’s driving me nuts. I’m a bit of a laser nerd. I collect a fairly wide range of DPSS handheld and larger Argon bench lasers. Among the things I do with … Continue reading

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Ribbit Looks Really Cool

Just checking out a new tool for managing your messaging: Ribbit . There are a whole raft of features but the easiest way to describe it (from what I’ve read since the beta hasn’t dropped yet) is that it’s GrandCentral … Continue reading

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AT&T Debating Becoming Bigger Big Brother: spying on peer to peer possible

AT$T the company we love to hate is at it again and giving us another reason to pray that Google buys that spectrum. This time the words come straight from CEO Randall Stephenson’s mouth. Apparently, AT$T has decided that it … Continue reading

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Floyd Landis and the Magic Water Bottle: Part II

In part one of this post I talked about my prior relationship with Floyd and also named a few of the folks that might have had a vested interest in seeing Floyd come up positive for synthetic testosterone in the … Continue reading

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Did Sethi Ever Pay?

Recently, a number of folks have written me asking whether or not Sam Sethi, former CEO of Blognation, had ever made good on his promise (and contract) to pay me or any of the other bloggers that spent several months … Continue reading

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Floyd Landis and the Magic Water Bottle: Part I

I’m no friend of Floyd Landis. I wanted to get that statement up front so that no one thinks that this post is motivated by friendship – or conversely, by any lack thereof. I’m not Floyd’s enemy, either. We were … Continue reading

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A Question of Chemistry: a selection from my writings on pharmaco-technology

Way back, once upon a time after I was an athlete for pay but before I was a card carrying geek, most of my intellectual energy was invested in biochemistry, pharmacology, biology and the science of better athletes through chemistry. … Continue reading

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A Quick Personal Update, Future Travel, Etc.

Well, the Holidays are behind us and a fresh new year is stretched out in front of us filled with all sorts of possibilities. Things in my world still remain a bit unsettled as I have yet to find a … Continue reading

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Thanks and No Thanks: surprised by the generosity of some and the lack of same by others

As you might imagine, 2007 ended on a pretty down note for me having lost my best friend just a few weeks before the end of the year. Add to this the fact that I’m out basically around $40,000 that … Continue reading

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