Best Caption Wins…

Your Caption Here Could Win You a $50 Gift Certificate from

I’ve got a $50 Gift Certificate for the individual that comes up with the best caption for this Anne Leibovitz photo of the Dictator in Chief and his Cabinet.


Caption must be posted as a comment on this post

You may enter as many captions as you like but please make each entry an individual comment

No profanity

No racial epithets

Only one winning caption will be selected

Judges (my) decision is final

Point will be awarded for cleverness, humor, satire, relevant historical reference, contextually relating image to current political or world events.

Please feel free to forward news of this little contest – I know it’s not a huge prize but this is not commercially sponsored (I.E. I’m paying for this out of my own pocket just for fun – I chose an Amazon Gift Certificate because I figure that anyone that reads my blog can find something they’d like on Amazon)

Be creative.

Link Love Genuinely Appreciated.

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5 Responses to Best Caption Wins…

  1. PhoneBoy says:

    I can haz power.

  2. isamu says:

    hi oliver, how are you?
    please keep your gift certificate, however suggested caption is

  3. Mortimer says:

    The no-good, the bad, the ugly and the others

  4. m30339 says:

    “Like most Americans, the White House was less than amused with the Sopranos finale.”

  5. chiranjeevi says:

    Desire we make the World

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