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Sam Sethi and Twitblogs: What is Fact, What is Fiction?

Anyone that has followed the technology scene the past couple of years has probably read about the doings of Sam Sethi.  His reputation as well of the swath of destruction he’s carved through the online mediasphere has been nearly unparalleled. … Continue reading

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It’s True! Anyone Really CAN Become the President!

If there was any doubt that in this country anyone can become President that doubt was dispelled tonight during the Vice Presidential debate. I’m still shaking my head at the inane responses that Sarah Palin delivered in between mangling words … Continue reading

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Dear GoDaddy, Signed “a Loyal but Annoyed Customer”

Bright and early this morning my email managed to do something that I’m sure everyone’s email does on occasion; it pissed me off. The culprit this beautiful Saturday was the following notice from the domain registrar GoDaddy. (I have truncated … Continue reading

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Is OLPC a Fraud?

Back in December of 2007 I took OLPC – the One Laptop Per Child project up on it’s special year-end offer. This offer included two laptops: one which would be donated to a country in need of the devices to … Continue reading

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VoIP Phishing Fraud Alert: learn how to defend yourself

I just received an invitation from my friend Alec Saunders , CEO of Iotum to join in on a free conference call to discuss AT$T and AMEX’s deployment of auto-dialing technology that, according to Alec, has the potential to desensitize … Continue reading

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Slippery Sam, No Show at LeWeb

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pat Phelan speaks eloquently here at Sam Sethi’s expense. Knock, knock, Sam? Are you there? Someone said you’re hiding under a patio somewhere. Well, dig in good and lay supplies away pal, because … Continue reading

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There are Worms, then there’s Sam Sethi…

This evening, Debi Jones called to my attention a comment that Sam Sethi had made a few days ago at How to Split An Atom. She prefaced sending me the link by telling me that I wasn’t going to like … Continue reading

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Sam Speaks

Ping. That’s how Sam Sethi reached out to me at 4AM pacific time on Friday December 7th. He began by apologizing to me and acknowledging that he should have been more open with me early on and that he should … Continue reading

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