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District 9 Opens Today: here’s a “pre” preview

Neill Blomkamp who previously directed Halo and Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame are behind the massively promoted new movie District Nine which opens today nationwide. I’m assuming most readers of this blog are Sci-fi fans who plan … Continue reading

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How to Show Your Valued Partner You Don’t Value them Back

If I was Juno Cho, LG’s President of Mobile Products I would not be a happy man this evening.  In fact I would be pissed.  No.  I’d want a crossbow with a picture of Michael Bay’s face tacked to the … Continue reading

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A Personal Invitation to the GTD Global Summit: a conference you can’t afford to miss

As you may know if you’ve read this site previously, I work for the David Allen Company as the Editor of GTDtimes, the community hub for all things GTD.  David, the author of both “Getting Things Done: the art of … Continue reading

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Most Amazing UFO Footage to Date

Britain’s “The Sun” is reporting on some of the most amazing UFO footage recorded to date. From the Sun: The 42-year-old and a number of residents claim the UFOs were spotted over a four month period between May and September … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

TED Talks are among the most incredible, valuable and interesting resource I’ve yet to find online.  With visionaries from all walks of life sharing their knowledge of physics, engineering, religion, music and more they never fail to inform, inspire, expand … Continue reading

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Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “UFOs are real. We have been visited.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, NASA Astronaut and the 6th Man to Stand on the moon recently made the above statement during a live interview on Kerrang Radio. He went on to say that the Roswell crash – he actually called it … Continue reading

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Prepare to Be Amazed: Blind Piano Prodigy is Just 5 Years Old (video)

If you haven’t seen this video before you are likely going to find it difficult to believe what you are seeing.  This little girl from South Korea who has been blind since birth makes her debut on a South Korean … Continue reading

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Hancock: a Departure for Me, a Review for You

I’m not a guy that’s driven to review movies. Generally speaking, I figure that my taste and my opinion don’t matter much to other folks when it comes to cinema; and when you consider that I’ve lived in LA for … Continue reading

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Amazing Sports Footage and a Contest.

I just announced a weekly “Guess the Theme of These Videos” contest over at GTDtimes – the website I edit on the Getting Things Done system of organization and productivity developed by David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done: … Continue reading

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Has George Bush Lost What Little Mind He Had? Nazi Sympathizer and War Monger Should Keep Mouth Shut

After Bush’s remarks made earlier today in Israel, one has to wonder if the man has completely lost his marbles. While I’m no fan of Obama and have sincere doubts about his ability to lead this country (though I share … Continue reading

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