There are Worms, then there’s Sam Sethi…


This evening, Debi Jones called to my attention a comment that Sam Sethi had made a few days ago at How to Split An Atom. She prefaced sending me the link by telling me that I wasn’t going to like this. She was right. She said the comment literally made her sick. It made me sick too. I responded to Sam’s comment with my own but I want to call greater attention to this because I want the world to see just what kind of a monster Sam Sethi truly is. Please Repost.

Sam’s revolting comment below:

4 days ago with 1 point

Sam Sethi
Steve when you get back ping me sam.sethi [at] – I am not denying that editors have not been paid or that mistakes were not made. The deal was editors would blog and we would grow rapidly together to get funding and be back paid.

Sadly funding has taken longer but all the team bar two that were sacked are still involved and actively communicating with the VC to understand where we are in the process.

Ask yourself why Marc was still blogging on 1st Dec if he did not think this was working. I am far from pleased with how this has turned out but will see it through and respond at the right time on blognation.

My Response to Sam’s revolting comment:

Oliver Starr 0 minutes ago with 1 point
Amazing. Simply amazing. I thought that Sam was detritus before but now I think that’s an insult to detritus. Seriously, how low can someone go?

This lying fool is so desperate to prove that he’s not lying that he would use the name of my best friend who recently became deceased to protest his innocence. I hope the world sees this.

Not only has Sam lied now he has the audacity to use the name of a wonderful man, a man whom I believe suffered his heart attack in part due to Sam Sethi’s failure to make good on the more than $20,000 he owed him, in his most grotesque effort yet to deny the truth.

This is beyond vile. This is beyond sick. This is pathological. This is a man that doesn’t need venture capital; this is a man that needs medication. I have never in my life witnessed a lower, more despicable move than this one. Taking advantage of someone’s tragedy for his own personal gain.

I hope that the whole community sees his comment because it exposes Sam Sethi for the worm that he is. Worse than that, actually. I don’t know what to call him; I don’t have the vocabulary for such ugliness as must exist in Sam Sethi to do something like make the comment above.

Let me ask a question; if I was sacked and what I said was untrue, then why, last week, did Sam Sethi write this to me?

Sam Sethi
12/7/07 4:08 AM
you were right and I should have responded and trusted your thoughts and feedback … I am sorry. That doesn’t help fix things I know
Oliver Starr “stitch”
12/7/07 4:09 AM
pay marc and his family
12/7/07 4:09 AM

12/7/07 4:10 AM

post a public apology to the blognation editors and me personally everywhere you’ve commented previously
Sam Sethi
12/7/07 4:11 AM
I will pay marc and will continue to pay marc – he was in the budget and will remain part of the team. I discussed this with tris yesterday who is passing this to Sue. The money does not close till next week sometime. Ask Ewan or Tris they can give you an impartial update after speaking with the VC.\

Sam Sethi
12/7/07 4:12 AM
As for an apology I will post later today. What you did may still cause the VC to pullout …

Like I said, why would he be apologizing to ME if he’d sacked me or if I was wrong or if I was lying?

Beyond this he is lying again, this time about Marc. It pains me to do this – it pains me to read through discussions I had with this man who I miss so much – but how would Sam explain this; Marc’s own words:

Marc Orchant
11/12/07 5:56 AM
Saw your e-mail. I’m booked on Curl calls through 11:30 am but definitely want to talk as soon after that time as we can. It’s clear, based on what you learned from Tristan, that you and I need to put together an ultimatum to Sam to settlle up with us or face the consequences. I’m prepared to blow the lid off of this with you if we decide that is what we need to do including going to Valleywag and others with the story of the deceit and mismanagement that’s gone on and even putting up a blog to discuss our side of things from.
11/12/07 5:57 AM

He needs to know that there is no way we’re going to just sit by idly while he abrogates the agreements he’s made with both of us and that he will not survive this if he does not do right by us.
11/12/07 5:57 AM

At minimum, I want out-of-pocket expenses and and a percentage of back pay to quietly move along.

I don’t think I need to say anything more. Marc’s sentiments and the reasons that he had them are plain enough.

Sam is a fraud, Sam is a cheat, Sam is a liar. Sam is a person that would attempt to use the fact that someone has passed away as a tool for his own self-interest.

I don’t know about anyone else but from my perspective short of pedophilia that is about as low as it is possible for a person to get.

Oliver Starr
RIP, Marc Orchant 1957 -2007

I don’t expect I need to say anything else. Sam Sethi is pulling the trigger on the metaphorical gun he’s got in the mouth of his own future. I for one am not the least bit sympathetic.

About Oliver

Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.
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7 Responses to There are Worms, then there’s Sam Sethi…

  1. What a total utter disgrace! This really also turn my stomach!

  2. Michael Ramm says:

    Oliver, I was just recently turned on to the Blognation events after the passing of Marc. Although I did not know him, I knew him as a reader of my blog and a passionate man, whether that was pointed at technology, or family. What Sethi has done to all of you is BEYOND despicable, even more so that such a large sum is OWED to the Orchant family. If Sethi cannot find the money to pay to Sue and the family, he needs to be sued for all that he has.

  3. admin says:

    Michael, You can count on it. I’ve already identified council in the UK, targeted Sethi’s personal assets and intend to pursue civil AND criminal charges against this monster.

    I also hope that he’s done such damage to his reputation that he won’t be able to get a job anywhere when this is done.

    I’ve never encountered someone this low before and that’s saying something as I’ve met some amazing scumbags in my life.

    The good news is that Sam thought he was smart and decided to play lawyer with the contracts; as a result instead of a contract between myself and his company or Marc and Blognation, both our contracts are between us and Sam.

    Thus, no need to pierce the corporate veil to get our settlements or collect judgement and believe you me, if he suddenly tries to shift things around he’ll simply end up getting someone else busted along with himself. His wife was co-owner of the company so no help there either.

    Wish me luck.


  4. Tom McKenna says:

    Oliver, hate is blinding your judgement. Sue him, indict him, whatever but these posts are going to come back to haunt you.

    One of Mochants last twitters was

    @ssethi – Sam I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be for some people to remove all traces of what they’ve done on FB – what a pain! 01:51 PM December 01, 2007 from twitterrific in reply to ssethi

    The guy was obviusly a gentleman. In dispute with Sethi and yet civil in exchanges. Learn from him.

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