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Sam Sethi and Twitblogs: What is Fact, What is Fiction?

Anyone that has followed the technology scene the past couple of years has probably read about the doings of Sam Sethi.  His reputation as well of the swath of destruction he’s carved through the online mediasphere has been nearly unparalleled. … Continue reading

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Death By Blogging, and Other Tall Tales

It’s no surprise that half a dozen people sent me a link the Matt Richtel’s New York Times Article (login required) about the stresses of blogging and the toll it takes on one’s health. To his credit, Matt did attempt … Continue reading

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Launch in Alpha at Your Own Peril: Izearanks, a study in why not

Rank Zero? That’s what the site says. According to IzeaRanks TechCrunch, which as we all know is – or perhaps I should say was – one of the most popular tech blogs on the planet. This is a new utility … Continue reading

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