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How Stupid is Palin? Very. (and corrupt, too)

Perhaps it’s a bit unsporting to go after Sarah Palin¬† – the much maligned Hockey Mom from Alaska – particularly given that she and her family are know known in some circles as the Wasilla Hillbillies after the way they … Continue reading

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What to Expect from a Palin Presidency

We all thought that Shrub was the stupidest person to ever ascend to the Oval Office but it now appears that it is possible – likely even – that some time in the next four years we will be victim … Continue reading

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It’s True! Anyone Really CAN Become the President!

If there was any doubt that in this country anyone can become President that doubt was dispelled tonight during the Vice Presidential debate. I’m still shaking my head at the inane responses that Sarah Palin delivered in between mangling words … Continue reading

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Update: Sarah Palin, Wolf Killer

On C-Span this morning I was just listening to Washington Journal a show that allows callers to speak live on the air to discuss issues related to the current news.¬† Most of the commentary today focused upon the political race. … Continue reading

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