It’s True! Anyone Really CAN Become the President!

If there was any doubt that in this country anyone can become President that doubt was dispelled tonight during the Vice Presidential debate. I’m still shaking my head at the inane responses that Sarah Palin delivered in between mangling words like nuclear (God help us, a second person in the white house saying “nookular”), and inventing names – who’s General Maclleland?

I wish that I could believe that the American people are smart enough collectively to realize that this robotic toady who doesn’t know what the word “maverick” means even though she said it forty five times tonight, is so completely incapable of leading this country that if McCain has any decency at all he has left orders to the secret service that should he die she should be taken out for the good of the country.

I know that sounds terribly callous but my god, I am more qualified to be President than she is if for no other reason than that I realize that I am completely unqualified for the position.  I accept this even though I know what the Bush Doctrine is, I’ve been to more than one country outside the US, I can say “nuclear” correctly and I don’t attend some wacky church where people speak in tongues, fall down in spiritual trances or go on actual witch hunts (seriously, check this out Palin’s Kooky Church – is it a cult or just a freak show? )

The moderator of this debate should be taken out behind the chemical shed and put out of our misery too.  Since when, in a debate, is it acceptable to simply ignore the questions that are being asked and to go off on irrelevant tangent after irrelevant tangent.

Do people really care what she did when she was Mayor of Wasilla? It’s ironic that she chided Biden for pointing out McCain’s mistakes by stating that he was focusing too much on the past when virtually every concrete thing she said was a reference to something that happened (or that she did) during her term as governor or mayor.

Her fake folksy down home lingo and pantomimed theatrics up on stage  (good God do we want a president that will wink during a State of the Union address?) were beyond ridiculous.

The fact that she had the temerity to mock Joe Biden to speak to him in a condescending way or to correct him (and be wrong in so doing) was just preposterous.

I find the idea that she could potentially become President to be so incredible, so inconceivable, so utterly ridiculous that it should guarantee that McCain loses this election.  Anyone that had any doubts about his judgment should now know all that they need to know, his judgment is a joke.  His running mate is a joke and his presidency will likely be the stuff about which jokes are someday told once we get beyond the pain and cost that having her in office will doubtless cause.

I can only hope that folks are smarter than I give them credit for and that like me people see Palin for what I can only describe as a charicature not a real person and a completely and totally inappropriate choice for either the Vice Presidency or worse, the Presidency.  Vote NO on Palin, Vote NO on McCain.  Save this country, save yourself, save our face in the world, keep that charade of a politicion out of office.

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