Launch in Alpha at Your Own Peril: Izearanks, a study in why not

readwritewebzero.jpgRank Zero? That’s what the site says. According to IzeaRanks TechCrunch, which as we all know is – or perhaps I should say was – one of the most popular tech blogs on the planet.

This is a new utility that is supposed to generate as their site puts it:

Finally, there’s a blog ranking system that uses real data to calculate which blogs are getting the most traffic and have the most influence on the web. IZEARanks ranks the top blogs in the blogosphere via actual site statistics, not an extrapolation of estimates. Sign up to see where you stand in the Top 100 blogs.

The header does say “alpha” but come on. It’s tough to be considered credible as a source of ranking information for blogs based upon traffic when a blog like TechCrunch has neither rank, nor traffic based upon the metrics you are generating.

Of course, this might be a “play for pay” ranking tool that instead of actually doing what the site says it does gives blogs that pay some sort of fee an artificially high ranking.


I don’t know what the actual deal is here, I only know that in addition to TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb also gets a big fat zero, while

isn’t even ranked at all…

Guys @ IzeaRanks here’s a tip: either clean up your act or hold off launching your product until it at least sort of works. You only get one chance to lose your credibility and it appears you’ve managed to do so…

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