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Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.

District 9 Opens Today: here’s a “pre” preview

Neill Blomkamp who previously directed Halo and Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame are behind the massively promoted new movie District Nine which opens today nationwide. I’m assuming most readers of this blog are Sci-fi fans who plan … Continue reading

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Listening 101 Should be a Required Course for All Physicians

Recently I’ve noticed something with physicians and it has begun to bother me a lot.  They don’t seem to listen to their patients anymore.  Granted, it is possible that I’ve just been unlucky with the doctors I have seen recently … Continue reading

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An iPhone Subsibized by Microsoft? Yes, Using Bing!

This is taken verbatim from the Seattle Post Intelligencer: Get Microsoft to help subsidize your iPhone Updated 11:25 a.m.: Statement from Microsoft. ——————– Internet sleuths have uncovered an oddity in Microsoft Bing shopping: You can get 35 percent off an … Continue reading

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A Few Minor Issues on My Mac

I think these images speak for themselves. Something about this folder layout doesn’t exactly scream “GTD”… I’ve heard of wanting to be “in control” but Firefox appears to have taken this concept a little too seriously judging by my current … Continue reading

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Most Amazing UFO Footage to Date

Britain’s “The Sun” is reporting on some of the most amazing UFO footage recorded to date. From the Sun: The 42-year-old and a number of residents claim the UFOs were spotted over a four month period between May and September … Continue reading

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What to Expect from a Palin Presidency

We all thought that Shrub was the stupidest person to ever ascend to the Oval Office but it now appears that it is possible – likely even – that some time in the next four years we will be victim … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

TED Talks are among the most incredible, valuable and interesting resource I’ve yet to find online.  With visionaries from all walks of life sharing their knowledge of physics, engineering, religion, music and more they never fail to inform, inspire, expand … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong’s Second Comeback: stuff of legends or death of one?

Well, it appears it is official, Lance Armstrong, the uncontested best Tour de France rider ever with 7 tour victories has announced his intention to return to the sport with the goal of competing in the 2009 Tour de France. … Continue reading

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Controversy at TC50, Who Owns the Technology IP: Swype or Shapewriter?

TC50: Swype a company that claims to be at the leading edge of fundamentally altering the way we input data into tablet and touchscreen devices has just demonstrated their technology – an interesting new way of tracing the letters in … Continue reading

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Update: Sarah Palin, Wolf Killer

On C-Span this morning I was just listening to Washington Journal a show that allows callers to speak live on the air to discuss issues related to the current news.  Most of the commentary today focused upon the political race. … Continue reading

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