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Why I’m Boycotting “The Grey” and Why You Should Too…

The upcoming release of Liam Neeson’s new film “The Grey” has many wolf conservationists, animal rights groups and thousands of concerned citizens like myself quite concerned about this movie and what it might do to wolf recovery efforts and the … Continue reading

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District 9 Opens Today: here’s a “pre” preview

Neill Blomkamp who previously directed Halo and Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame are behind the massively promoted new movie District Nine which opens today nationwide. I’m assuming most readers of this blog are Sci-fi fans who plan … Continue reading

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Hancock: a Departure for Me, a Review for You

I’m not a guy that’s driven to review movies. Generally speaking, I figure that my taste and my opinion don’t matter much to other folks when it comes to cinema; and when you consider that I’ve lived in LA for … Continue reading

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