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Trapping is Not a Sport!

A few of my thoughts on “sport hunting and trapping”: Hunting of any kind is not a sport. Sport implies a competition between equally matched parties that are both aware of and agree to “the contest”. In sport, clear rules … Continue reading

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Do Online Petitions Really Work?

Some thoughts about online petitions: Over the past few months, many of us have seen a massive increase in the number of online petitions posted in groups and added to the timelines of our personal pages. If you’re like me … Continue reading

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More on Wolf Killer and ID Forest Service Employee Josh Bransford: Another Modern Monster

Reblog from multiple sources:     Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies by James William Gibson – March 28, 2012     Montana Anti-Trapping Group Gets Death Threat for Releasing Photos On March 16, a Friday, a … Continue reading

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A few amazing comments from others that are Boycotting “The Grey”

  Below are just a few of the comments people have taken the time to post after signing the petition to boycott director Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson’s movie “The Grey”. While I don’t either of those uneducated and callous … Continue reading

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Why I’m Boycotting “The Grey” and Why You Should Too…

The upcoming release of Liam Neeson’s new film “The Grey” has many wolf conservationists, animal rights groups and thousands of concerned citizens like myself quite concerned about this movie and what it might do to wolf recovery efforts and the … Continue reading

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I Love Craigslist but not this part…

Looking for a new place to live sucks. We’ve all dealt with this so I don’t need to say anything more. Looking for a new place with a significant other adds another dimension of pain er… complexity to the process. … Continue reading

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How You Can Tell When Two People Love Each Other

Crash! I turned around, slowly. I had been pouring myself a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. “What broke?” I said. “Our picture.” she replied with a touch of pain in her voice. I walked around the counter to survey the … Continue reading

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Is NASA hiding what it found on the Moon?

For several years, I have been studying images that were captured by Clementine – a military satellite that was launched on January 25, 1994 and orbited the moon taking pictures and conducting other experiments until June 1994 when power levels … Continue reading

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Soap Suds for Kids

If you’re anything like me you spend a lot of time traveling for work.  Among other things, this means a lot of nights away from home in hotel rooms.  I’ll bet I’m not the only one whom, as a result … Continue reading

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Apple’s Unreasonable Censorship

I guess that the folks at Apple don’t really believe in the first ammendment.  If they did I simply cannot understand why they would refuse to post the following review to the iPhone App Store.  I have looked and cannot … Continue reading

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