I Love Craigslist but not this part…

Looking for a new place to live sucks. We’ve all dealt with this so I don’t need to say anything more. Looking for a new place with a significant other adds another dimension of pain er… complexity to the process.

Luckily Craigslist is there with its world-beating number of listings all of which are free to be browsed and in my case, shared via email with my girlfriend.

By necessity this means using the email this listing to a friend feature as this is one of the fastest ways to do this (short of cutting and pasting urls into an email which I guess I could do but that would defeat the point of this post).

The problem is the location of the buttons on this page and the way they want to direct you once you’ve completed the process.

Here’s what I mean. The “email this listing to a friend” button (link) is at the upper right-hand corner of the window. The fields to enter the to and from email information is on the middle left. Do this long mouse move enough times and it gets annoying – why can’t the email this to a friend link be closer to where you enter the required data (or vice versa?)

Further, once you have sent the email the only link that Craigslist presents you with is one to go back to the listing. The problem is that in order to go back to your list of results you then would have to go back in your browser, through the entire email a friend process in reverse in order to return to your original list.

Just think how many additional clicks this is costing users if many of them want to see results again after sharing a listing with someone.

By the way, I wanted to share this feedback directly with the CL feedback forums but if you’ve ever tried to navigate them it simply takes too much time for someone that’s busy at least it was for me.

Any other ideas like this out there? What bugs you most with sites (or products) you use all the time?

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