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How to Show Your Valued Partner You Don’t Value them Back

If I was Juno Cho, LG’s President of Mobile Products I would not be a happy man this evening.  In fact I would be pissed.  No.  I’d want a crossbow with a picture of Michael Bay’s face tacked to the … Continue reading

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Breaking News from CERN Lab

This just in from Zurich.  Reports indicate that there has been a “minor incident” at the recently restarted Hadron Large Collider/CERN Lab.  Apparently efforts to contact the lab itself have so far been unsuccessful and a spreading “zone of EM … Continue reading

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The Singularity is Here: Google Launches CADIE

Considering that it may be the end of life as we know it, Google’s announcement of CADIE is surprisingly low key.  The world’s first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE), according to Google, has done what many thought was impossible and … Continue reading

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A Personal Invitation to the GTD Global Summit: a conference you can’t afford to miss

As you may know if you’ve read this site previously, I work for the David Allen Company as the Editor of GTDtimes, the community hub for all things GTD.  David, the author of both “Getting Things Done: the art of … Continue reading

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Too Funny to Pass Up

Just came across this image and I simply couldn’t pass it by without sharing.  I just wonder how tall you have to be to ride this ride?

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Sam Sethi and Twitblogs: What is Fact, What is Fiction?

Anyone that has followed the technology scene the past couple of years has probably read about the doings of Sam Sethi.  His reputation as well of the swath of destruction he’s carved through the online mediasphere has been nearly unparalleled. … Continue reading

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iPhone Phones Home, Tells Everything

Caveat: I am not a developer so what I am about to reveal may or may not be news to the developer community.  Nevertheless, this is not something that I was aware of previously and I have not seen any … Continue reading

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Remembering Marc Orchant – gone one year today, very much in my thoughts…

I can hardly believe that it’s been a year since the world lost the irreplacable soul, friend, father, coach, mentor, husband and so much more wrapped up in the being of a man I knew as Marc Orchant. My time … Continue reading

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How Stupid is Palin? Very. (and corrupt, too)

Perhaps it’s a bit unsporting to go after Sarah Palin  – the much maligned Hockey Mom from Alaska – particularly given that she and her family are know known in some circles as the Wasilla Hillbillies after the way they … Continue reading

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Final Shot at Impeaching the Criminals: Will Bush Pardon Himself?

I’m going to put big money on an affirmative.  That is unless we, the people, do something to prevent it.  From “The Pen” Impeach Bush Before He Pardons Himself According to Seymour Hersh there is a conga line of insiders … Continue reading

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