Frightening Facts About W3C and Truth, Free Speech and the Net

Editor’s Note:  The post below comes direct from one of the best newsletters you will ever have the opportunity to receive for free:  This publication by Dr. Mercola covers health, politics, food safety and other topics that should be of interest to anyone concerned about living a long healthy life.

As someone that has worked in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries and has a long history of getting published as well as consulting for many of the top companies I have some pretty firmly established opinions on this topic.  Dr. Mercola is the first MD I’ve come across with whom I actually agree.  Seriously, this guy gets it and he even brings stuff to the forefront that I hadn’t seen before. I am continully impressed with his newsletter.

Below is an article that should scare the crap out of all of us.  Since when is the W3C supposed to be the arbiter of truth or the “decision maker” about what is and what is not a “conspiracy theory”?  I can’t tell you how big brotheresque I find this thought to be.  If it comes to pass that we have the opportunity to voice an opinion we must make it clear in no uncertain terms that we view the W3C as a web standards body and not as an entity charged with determining the validity of content.

The public does a perfectly fine job of voting with their clicks and page views and Google’s PageRank (among other things) is a good indicator of what the public thinks. We doin’t need a couple of biased individuals cow towing to the highest commercial bidder to be telling us what is or isn’t valid online.  We are certainly capable of making these decisions for ourselves thank you very much.  WC3 keep your influence where it belongs if you over reach you’re going to get spanked.

Big Pharma Ties Want to Shut Down Vaccine ‘Conspiracy Theories’

big pharma, pharmaceutical, W3C, world wide web consortium, tim berners-lee, www, web, internet, freedom of speech, censorship, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, vaccines, MMRA foundation populated by the giants of business, banking, government and military wants to “vet” websites and limit the spread of information that it says creates “conspiracy theories”.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) says it is worried about the way the web has been “used to spread disinformation”. They want to introduce a new system that would give websites a label for trustworthiness or unreliability.

One “damaging conspiracy theory” they want to shut down is the notion that MMR vaccines are harmful. Of course, this “conspiracy theory” stems not from paranoid forum postings and misquoted blog entries, but from scientific research into the mercury based preservative thimerosal.

Thimerosal was developed by Eli Lilly, and Merck is the world’s largest supplier of the MMR triple jab — and it is little wonder W3C considers such information to be “damaging” given that Eli Lilly and Merck are both paid up and approved members of the Consortium! If anyone should be labeled with an “unreliable” rating, it is the WC3.

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