Nokia Launches 4 New Phones: Live Blogging 3GSM World Congress

Nokia has just announced the impending launch of four new handsets to the line up of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer.

For readers of my prior blogs, it is likely that the N96, the successor to the vaunted N95 will be the most exciting. Picking up with the N95 left off, the N96 comes standard with 16 Gigs of memory that can be expanded with an additional 32 Gig from the new massive, solid-state memory cards.

Expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2008, the phone sports a bevy of new or expanded features including an even wider range of video formats, including higher definition and high speed video modes. The large 2.8″ screened dual-slider also has another feature that will be much loved by the hard-core geek crowd; Full Flash. No more annoying Flash incompatibility or frustrating attempts to upgrade the Flash installation on your browser you can now navigate to any video file on YouTube and simply push play.

Other features include and FM Out to allow quick and easy integration with your TV or home audio system or in your automobile. Check out the video of the new device being introduced right here:

[youtube: 375 375]

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