A Quick Personal Update, Future Travel, Etc.

Well, the Holidays are behind us and a fresh new year is stretched out in front of us filled with all sorts of possibilities. Things in my world still remain a bit unsettled as I have yet to find a primary new gig to occupy the bulk of my time. If you’re in the market for someone with very substantial business development, blogging and evangelism experience mixed with marketing (particularly Internet and direct mail), sales, and very strong analysis and business strategy skills I might be a good candidate for you. Feel free to email me if this is the case.

There are a couple things that I am delving into this year that I am pretty excited about. I’ve long been on several scientific advisory boards for the Lifeboat Foundation, but now I’ve taken on a more involved role also and will be helping them out in the areas of blogging and evangelism. The Lifeboat Foundation’s primary purpose is to safeguard humanity.

In essence it is a frightening truth that on a long enough time-line humanity has a 100% certainty of extinction unless we are able to sustain ourselves off-planet. Thus one of Lifeboat Foundation’s principal goals is the investigation and development of a means for humanity to become a truly interstellar species capable of traveling through space indefinitely or even terra-forming planets should we be fortunate enough to locate one suitable for the purpose.

In addition, the Lifeboat Foundation is focused on identifying things that represent serious threats to humanity here on earth and developing strategies to either prevent these things from developing into lethal threats or defending against them should they do so in spite of our best efforts. Some of the brightest minds on the planet are members of the various advisory boards including luminaries such as Bill Joy, Ray Kurzweil and Michael Anissimov. In fact, as much as I like to think I’m intellectually advantaged I am utterly humbled by the folks involved here and consider it a privilege to be a part of this amazing organization.

If you’ve never heard of the Lifeboat Foundation, I urge you to check it out. Not only is what we’re doing vitally important it is also incredibly interesting as the folks that make up the vast scientific advisory organization are some of the leading thinkers on the planet in technology, chemistry and other biosciences, ethics, politics, sustainability and other areas crucial to our collective future. I am certain that a quick side trip to check it out will be a rewarding experience for anyone that makes the effort.

Better still, if you agree with me that what the Lifeboat Foundation is doing is of critical importance, feel free to step up to help out with a donation or some media attention. We can use both and will be most appreciative of any help you can offer.

In addition I’m also exploring getting involved with AERO – the Advanced Energy Research Organization founded by Dr. Steven Greer. If you’ve read my work recently you may be aware that I have a growing concern for our prospects due to global warming and dwindling fossil fuel reserves. AERO’s mission is to develop and bring into mainstream use technologies that allow us to cheaply and cleanly produce all the energy we require for anything we might ever wish to do. Further the technologies being explored by AERO have the potential to revolutionize travel, extend our ability to reach out into space to the far reaches of the solar system and beyond and to end poverty and famine on a global scale.

As with the Lifeboat Foundation, you owe it to yourself to check out what AERO is doing. You’ll definitely learn something and you might be surprised at what sort or new technology is just around the corner.

I’ll be writing about both of these entities more in future posts as well as blogging on the Lifeboat Foundation blog fairly regularly. I hope you’ll add it to your reader and even suggest topics I can cover if something you think is important comes to mind.

In addition to my writing on science related issues I’ll still be covering mobile technology related news too. In fact I’m planning on attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this next week so if you’ll be heading out that way, ping me so we can hook up. If you need a blogger to cover the event ping me before it starts; maybe we can work something out. Following CES it looks like I’ll be in the bay area for at least a few days so if you miss me in Vegas perhaps you can catch me there. Otherwise I’ll see you when I see you!

Well, before this turns into a novel I’ll stop. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2008. Hope to see everyone soon.

About Oliver

Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for Pearltrees.com, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.
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  2. dmobile215 says:

    I am a big fan of Dr Greer, I have been studying him for a short while and I can say behind the videos and articles. I give you my support but however I would like to know how much SETI has accomplished behind the events and donations that you have done.

    I am trying to search for myself as well but I have not been about to see the proof of extraterrestrial life yet. I have seen for myself the bright lights moving fast like a bullet but no real proof with my own eyes.

    I setup Alien News: http://etaliennews.blogspot.com

    In order to hopefully get someone who can show me something that I can say is proof. But nothing yet!

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