Ribbit Looks Really Cool

ribbit_logo.jpgJust checking out a new tool for managing your messaging: Ribbit . There are a whole raft of features but the easiest way to describe it (from what I’ve read since the beta hasn’t dropped yet) is that it’s GrandCentral mashed up with SpinVox, Visual Voicemail, Skype, and Forum Nokia for developers.

I can’t wait to try this. There are so many things here that I’m already using in one form or another it would be great to consolidate them all into a single application controlled by a single UI accessible from any web browser or web enabled mobile phone (let’s hope that they get that one right straight out of the box and start a trend in so doing).

Here’s a quick look at the way their API is laid out. There is quite a bit more developer oriented information on Ribbit’s site


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