Follow Up to Advice for PR Consultants Post

Industry Standard’s list of top B-Z list blogs features VoIPWatch by Andy AbramsonTwo things have happened in the past few days that, at least my own opinion, emphasize the facts in my prior post: first that PR people typically don’t have a clue when it comes to dealing with bloggers (the very same day I posted the story I was emailed by no less than 3 PR people who each managed to violate every basic tenet of approaching a blogger that I’d laid out in my post).

Second, that those few PR people that do know what they are doing reap the rewards of both a job well done as well as earning respect from their peers as well as the bloggers with whom they engage.  Case in point: Andy Abramson whom I named specifically in my post for his excellent work with bloggers was himself just listed among the 25 top B-Z list blogs for his VoIPWatch Blog.  Well done, Andy.  Sometimes the good guys don’t finish last!

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