Tom van Flandern and Mars: a Lecture that Could Change What You Believe About Everything

faceonmarsrecentimage.jpgIn 2002 Dr. Tom van Flandern, a PhD in Astronomy and formerly the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the Nautical Almanac Office and the US Naval Observatory, gave a lecture that sent shockwaves through the field of astronomy ripples of controversy created by this lecture continue right up through today. Rarely do people with credentials such as Dr. Van Flandern’s, who come from typically conservative fields such as the science of astronomy, make strong personal statements about their beliefs, especially when those beliefs are diametrically opposed to that held by the majority of such an individual’s contemporaries. Nevertheless, with his statement:

“The odds of the anomalous items imaged in the Cydonia region of Mars being of Natural Origin are one thousand billion, billion to one against this theory. In other words, the possibility that these objects occurred naturally has been ruled out beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

that is exactly what Dr. Van Flandern did.

Here is the three part lecture where Dr Van Flandern makes this statement and brings to our attention many other previously unpublicized features of the Martian surface that may surprise, bewilder, shock or humble even the most skeptical of viewers. Please watch with an open mind. For additional revelations about Mars, please visit my friend J.P. Skippers amazing website Mars Anomaly Research for even more amazing images and insightful analysis of the hidden truth of our second nearest celestial neighbor.

Part 1:

[YouTube: 340 340]

Part 2:

[YouTube: 340 340]

Part 3:

[YouTube: 340 340]

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2 Responses to Tom van Flandern and Mars: a Lecture that Could Change What You Believe About Everything

  1. char142506 says:

    What’s the thought about the Markawasi civilization being related to the Martian artwork that Dr. Van Flandern is presenting on the videos?


  2. gar says:

    I love these videos. They do proove these rocks on mars were designed/sculpted.

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