Modern Monsters Part 1

Many people have a fascination with monsters.  There’s a reason why there are so many TV shows in which they feature so prominently.  From the search for Bigfoot to the quest for the Loch Ness Monster in countless YouTube videos and across many websites dedicated to cryptozoology it’s a quest that engages millions.  But lately I’ve realized that there are real monsters and they’re living among us.  And today I’m going to prove it to you.

What really scares me about these creatures, and what should scare you too is how easily they avoid detection. They look a lot like we do.  So much so that unless you catch them doing one of their hideous deeds you’d never even know the terror, pain, suffering and carnage they revel in causing.  One friend of mine even described them as monsters in lipstick…

Michelle Leqve is my first example.

Modern Monster in disquise

Michelle Leqve - modern monster

She doesn’t look all that awful here does she?  All rosy cheeked and decked out in her winter gear.








But that’s not the full picture.  This is:

Polar bears are one of the world’s most endangered animals. Yet this callous creature seems to have thought nothing of chasing this animal with dogs over a period of days until frightened, alone, and without the energy to continue running it turned to face its tormentor. She promptly used her high powered compound bow to fire again and again until it fell dead.

When I read about this crime against nature I literally felt sick.  What evil creature would deprive such a magnificent, intelligent animal of its right to simply exist? What sort of soulless evil would drive a creature to use dogs and machines to pursue and murder something so rare and beautiful?  Or to deprive the world of one of the most threatened of all carnivores?

The bear she slaughtered — and make no mistake about it this is slaughter plain and simple — now stands stuffed:  her “most prized trophy”.

Today Michelle Leqve works for Delta airlines. No doubt she capitalizes on her employment by the airline to travel the world so she can pursue her true passion — hunting and killing animals with one of the cruelest and most unnecessary weapons of modern time – the compound crossbow.

I wonder how she feels when she pours passengers of the airline little cups of Coca Cola from cans that proudly feature Polar Bears as part of the corporate giant’s “Arctic Home” campaign. Scratch that. A monster like Michelle that would slaughter an endangered animal clearly has no respect for anything.

My hope is that by exposing her for what she really is — a barbaric individual that glorifies in killing and cruelty — that we can unmask the monster, expose her for what she really is and perhaps make her pay the price for the savage acts she engages in for pleasure.

Together we can help stop monsters like Michelle.  Help me send a message to Delta Airlines that she has hurt the reputation of her employer and likely made the company unwittingly complicit in her killing by helping her reach the destinations where she carries our her murderous actions.

If you feel like I do, that monsters like this need to be unmasked and exposed, please sign the petition and help spread the word.  Our wildlife and especially animals that are already seriously threatened due to climate change deserve our compassion and protection, not to be hounded, slaughtered and put up on display for the enjoyment of a truly sick modern monster.



About Oliver

Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.
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27 Responses to Modern Monsters Part 1

  1. Tim Bain says:

    I’d say this was a brilliant article if the content weren’t so tragic and depressing…but the woman is a true disgrace to humanity and you highlight that. That bear isn’t even full grown …maybe the full grown ones are a little too hard to murder or too dangerous for this vile woman. I think just the setting dogs on a bear that could rip them to shreds defending itself alone is worthy of some legal action…isn’t there a law against that ??

  2. Oliver says:

    Tim, I wish there were a law against using dogs to pursue certain wild game. In Wisconsin they also allow this practice with bear and they are currently considering legislation to allow them to use dogs to pursue wolves. It is revolting to me that elected representatives of the people are either using their positions for such direct self interest (EG Jeff Siddoway of Siddoway Wool in Idaho, a State Senator, using his position to legislate for incredibly aggressive anti-wolf law while also helping himself to huge reimbursements for supposed wolf related losses). The situation in Wisconsin may well be even worse and in Canada where this bear slaughter took place, most wildlife has virtually no protection at all. In fact in the face of declining caribou herds in the Athabasca region, they are currently legislating for strychnine poisoning and aerial hunting of wolves (claiming they are what is reducing caribou herd size) while ignoring the wholesale destruction of massive swaths of primordial Canadian rainforest for tar sands oil extraction. It’s unbelievable.

  3. suzi says:

    A real women never ever kill………….She is a ……………

  4. Mario Lozano says:

    Increíble, deberías ser un ser sensible y sos un monstruo en un envase de mujer. Igualmente te tengo una noticia. Las cuentas de karma dan cero, así que la vas a pagar.

  5. Ivonne Cassaigne says:

    I agree with many of the things, but the important part here is not the hunter, is the country that authorizes, despite the endangered situation of the polar bears, the hunting. That hunt was not illegal, (not trying to justify the person). It’s Canada’s government who’s authorizing those hunts. Therefore it’s Canada, who despite being a so develop country, authorizes the killing of seals by beating them until they die, impulses open minery in undevelop countries and destroy their precious environment, and yes, authorizes the hunt of these polar bears. Who is then the real monster that we need to expose? Let’s do something in the next CITES convention to avoid these hunts from happening again.

  6. Oliver says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more about Canada. They’re also blaming wolves for the reduction in caribou herds in spite of the fact that in the same area where the declines are occurring they are completely devastating the environment with tar sands oil extraction. For a country that’s supposedly first world they are amazingly unenlightened!

  7. Jo De George says:

    Thank you for posting this, Oliver. There is also a picture of Michele Leqve with a dead black bear. I have her up on my FB page. I would imagine you know she belongs to a club called High Power Bows. She is not the only monster, she belongs to a club of them, but there is something very chilling about her. I tried to send her a message on FB but she doesn’t allow it…deep down she knows what a monster she is but she just doesn’t care. What I truly want to know is why people like Michele lack humanity and compassion. A friend of mine says there is a “chip” missing in their brains that doesn’t allow them to feel…almost as if they were born desensitized. What a gross injustice it is to have people like Michele walking the face of the earth thinking that they are superior because they are able to kill other beings. My heart breaks. If there is anything at all I can do to help “bring her down” please do not hesitate to contact me.

  8. Linda Green says:

    I was raised to use ALL parts of a kill. How were you raised? I just want to throw up……How dare you go to schools and brag about your kills? That’s right….teach kids to kill, cause lord knows its not like you can’t just go to a grocery store and purchase meat, right? How can anyoine brag about killing an animal that is on the endangered list……All i can say is you suck!!!

  9. admin says:

    Jo, I think the best way to hurt Michelle Leqve is to make it very difficult for her to travel. This may be easier than it sounds. She works for Delta/Northwest airlines. Certainly she takes advantage of the free travel benefits that airline employees get in order to travel to the places where she does her killing.

    I’ll bet that if she loses her job and her income this becomes a lot harder for her to do. My suggestion is to sign the petition but also write to Delta/Northwest airlines and tell them that until you know that she’s been terminated you won’t fly the airline again.

    The other thing you can do is share and link to all the posts about what a monster she is. It will be a lot harder for her to find new employment if everytime a prospective employer googles her they see what a black eye her actions age her prior employer. It’s a lot easier to hire companies to hire people with less baggage.

    If we show her what starvation feels like maybe she’ll start to show a little more compassion for the animals she torments. Unlikely I know but I think this is our most effective approach. And by the way, the missing chip is a readily diagnosable disease, it’s called sociopathy.

  10. mark smith says:

    This is what the company has to say from whom it seems she booked her Killing trip through.I think we should all contact the company and express our outrage

    interested in this great adventure. BSC has helped nearly 30 clients
    take their polar bear over the years, with well over a 90% success
    rate with bow and no firearm intervention. We felt the price of polar
    bear hunting may go down with the major loss of most US hunters
    but the outfitters and arctic communities just started marketing their
    hunts harder in Europe. The price of the hunts has stabilized in the
    past couple of years and are currently in the $30,000 range plus travel,
    licenses. etc. If you are interested in polar bear, let us know and we’ll
    be glad to help you.

  11. admin says:

    Mark. Agree. Let’s make this company famous in a way that destroys their business. The world doesn’t need companies that derive their income from causing untold pain and suffering of wild creatures, especially those under such significant pressure from environmental change.

    Further companies like this are aiding and abetting in the take and transport of endangered species parts which is expressly prohibited under US law.

  12. admin says:

    Mark, do you have a link to that company’s website?

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  14. leon pero says:

    Thanks for this I agree hit her where it hurts….If you work for the airlines you can not use your travel benefits for business,if she is going on hunts and publishing it and making DVDs then she is going against airline policy and can get fired. Oh there is also a Facebook page that called Tell Delta Airlines t fire Michele Leqve…Thanks again for standing up for the animals who have no voice.

  15. Sergio Schimpf says:

    Para la extinción de toda persona que atente irracionalmente contra los animales, ya que hay nombre, apellido y un rostro visible…se podría empezar por “Michelle Leqve”…REPITO… EXTINCIÓN! sin piedad ni misericordia! Nada de encarcelarlos! ocupan lugar y hay que mantenerlos!



  17. Tom Jennings says:

    Maybe one day she’ll miss and the tour guide will take a picture of her shredded body and post it. Let’s see her pathetic smile then…

  18. Rob Jarvis says:

    I can see no pleasure in this what so ever, I disgrace to humanity so much so that I think I’m going to cry tears of sadness for this truly majestic animal, so so sad and how depressing this is. We must fight against the hunting agency and also against people like Michelle Leqve

  19. Kate S says:

    The atrocious actions of this disgusting, despicable excuse for a human being sickens me to the stomach. Not to be a hypocrite, but I would enjoy seeing her being torn limb from limb by a polar bear, nice and slowly. What sort of sadist do you have to be to have to kill an innocent animal, especially so unnecessarily?

  20. Kris says:

    Animals are suppose to be hunted for food not SPORT!! What she did was murder. Did she eat the animal? No!! Before you know it when we run out of food and have to really hunt all animals will be dead cause of ignorant people like her!! We are not at the end of the world!! Stop hunting animals for sport!!! At least eat them!! and the Polar bear she killed was chased down by dogs ! she did not even kill it herself !! I am so mad not cause it is a polar bear but because it is a waste of a an animal that deserved to be killed and eaten and have its spirit ingested and sung stories of how it saved a person from starving!!

  21. Anahi Torres Bringas says:

    I do not wish him death but hopefully someday suffer so much to repent of the damage it has caused.

  22. Helene says:

    This is so sick, her smiling in front of an endangered Polar Bear??? So she could stuff it in her home???? I googled her name, click on images. She has killed a large Black Bear, a Brown Bear, and what looks to be many other animals – wolf, fox, a large bird (hope its not an eagle), but think that is another one of these women “warriors”, that is a joke of course, as she always has the advantage, chasing the bear with dogs until they are so exhausted she can shot them with her bow an arrow, not an ordinary one of course, but some killer bow and arrow. Check out her pictures if you really want to get sick, either she posed with the same bears many times or this woman has killed several brown and black (grizzly??) bears. She never had to leave the USA, went to Alaska for the polar bear I am sure. I thought I had seen it all from the African “Safari’s”, but no, she has managed to become famous for killing endangered species right here in the USA.

  23. GILL says:

    Sickening. I see people giving out that petitions are going to her employer. Her employer should sit up and listen to the calls and refuse to employ a killer such as this woman. That is what she is, plain and simple. Crazy that this kind of activity is legal.

  24. stewart lobb says:

    Psychopathic behavior at best. this obsessive urge to pleasure oneself by killing a harmless animal is a twisted mental abnormality. It isnt a physical challenge as the animal has no defense to arrows. finding the animal is easy as trackers and guides plus helicopters and 4x4s are all things that can be purchased. there is no danger as you are guarded from any angry animal by men with big guns. Is this a genetic disorger? Hunt a bear alone with a hammer and you may be forgiven.

  25. James Hammond says:

    I found her on FB and politely asked her if she was unaware of how unstable the polar bear population was. Then, also asked her if she didn’t mind letting me chase her with dogs and arrows..

    Still waiting for a reply…

  26. Katy says:

    I think it is interesting that on her site she uses the term ‘take’ instead of ‘kill’ or ‘slaughter’. it indicates she is psychologically distancing herself from the consequences of her own actions.

  27. Bernadette says:

    Whoa!! Why is she even allowed to get away with this. What kind of governments actually allow this to happen? She should be tried for horrendous crimes. Why hasn’t anyone killed her? What fucking country allows this bullshit to occur – I thought Hitler was bad.

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