Another NASA Official Goes On Record About ET Contacts…

The blanket of lies our government has used to cover up the truth about extraterrestrials is apparently starting to wear thin and even unravel entirely in some spots. The latest hole in the government’s story comes from Clark McClelland a retired space ship operator for NASA.

In a post that appeared on his website on the 29th of July of this year, McClelland stated:

“I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!”

When added to the statements made just the other day by Dr Edgar Mitchell, the prior remarks by Bob Lazar (which perhaps should be reevaluated given these recent revelations), and the mounting body of evidence that contradicts NASA and our government’s words on the topic it is starting to look more and more likely that what was once thought to be fertile ground for those with only a thin grasp on reality might be more or less the truth of the situation.

In my opinion one of two things is happening; either this is simply a continuation of our Government’s plan of action which requires that the public be gradually desensitized before a full disclose can take place or else these individuals have reached a point where they feel that they are no longer at risk of certain reprisals that the powers that be might inflict upon them for their breach of certain security oaths and their consciences – perhaps due to their advancing age – has compelled them to come clean before it is too late.

There are some things that I am certain about. One is that this trend is only going to continue at an ever increasing pace until all the facts are out on the table and/or two, that an irrefutable extraterrestrial visitation event takes place such that no further denial is possible.

In either case, those of us that have steadfastly believed that we were not alone and have been resolute in that belief in spite of scorn, ridicule and the derision of our peers will ultimately be vindicated by what I think are now becoming more and more obvious facts.

The truth has been a long time coming – one can only hope that when it finally does come all the way out that those that have lied, deceived and taken advantage of their privileged positions for their own personal material benefit will be forced to account for their transgressions and that they will in some way pay for their crimes against the people of this and other planets.
On another note, you might have missed it since they appeared to have tried to minimize what is perhaps the most significant news ever received from a Martian rover lander; Phoenix has confirmed the presence of water ice on the surface of mars. As the mission scientists put it: “We’ve touched and tasted water on Mars”.

It has long been held that were there is water there is usually (in fact so far as we know there is always) life. Don’t be too surprised if the next news coming from the red planet is that they have found living organisims (but not by Phoenix nor any of the current rovers that don’t have the equipment required to make a definitive detection of living material).

This is also part of the desensitization process. First microbes, then plants, then lower life forms and before you know it we’ll be meeting our new nine foot tall overlords in their anti-gravity super-luminal craft.

Actually I agree with Dr Mitchell on this one. If the extraterrestrials we’ve encountered so far were hostile we’d either be gone already or else we’d be in their form of the galley of some Ben Hur ship or chipping away for some sort of ore in huge underground caverns.

No. They are our friends. Or at least we are so insignificant to them that they can’t be bothered to destroy us. Either way is fine by me. Just so long as they’re not like the aliens in “Mars Attacks”. That would be a real disappointment.

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