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This page is dedicated to providing information and updates concerning the status of my good friend and colleague, Marc Orchant.

As you know, Marc suffered a massive cardiac infarction on Sunday morning, December 2nd 2007. My original post is copied below.Marc Orchant

Updates will be added to this page in reverse chronological order with the must current news at the top. If you have previously linked to the page at and have posted this story, please update your links as I no longer have access to that page and thus will be posting all news, updates and pertinent information here. Additionally, if you have previously posted a get well comment on the Blognation post, you might wish to duplicate that comment here as this is where people will be directed in the future. Thanks for your support.

Sue and the rest of the Orchant family have expressed their surprise and gratitude for the outpouring of support from the technology community. Although at this time they are not able to directly offer thanks for the continued prayers, well wishes, and warmth, they have asked me to thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Your words of encouragement, cards, flowers, and other gifts, but particularly the incredible love that people have shown towards Marc and his family have helped make this very difficult time somewhat less unbearable.


Update as of 4:14 AM Pacific Time, December 5th, 2007:

Editor’s Note: I just got off the phone with Sue Orchant and she has given the update below.

A Message from Sue Orchant

Hi everyone. I want you all to know that your amazing, incredibly overwhelming, heartfelt response of love, concern, and good wishes for Marc is helping myself, Rebecca, Jason and out family get through this difficult time.

Please keep sending those prayers and positive energy Marc’s way. He knows as well as I that you are all there for him. I’ll have to tell him that he’ll need to change his name to George Bailey (It’s a Wonderful Life). It’s a beautiful thing to see.

In this past day we have seen some baby steps of improvement. He has some response to stimuli and his oxygen levels and heart rate have improved. I am guardedly optimistic. He still has not regained consciousness but we will take things minute by minute.

It’s hard to put into words but I know you are all here with me and I appreciate you all. I will update you as soon as I know more.

Thank You.

Sue and the Orchant Family


Original Post



At some time between 7:30 and 8:10 AM on Sunday Morning December 2nd, 2007, Marc Orchant, my fellow author on this blog, as well as one of my closest friends sustained a massive heart attack while working in his home office. At this time Marc is in critical condition at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Critical Cardiac Care Unit, Bed 3. He is not expected to regain consciousness for the next 24 to 48 hours.

I was notified by Marc’s wife, Sue and asked to help notify Marc’s colleagues, friends and other business associates. Marc was scheduled to go to Seattle, WA as well as Ojai, CA this coming week. Obviously he will not be able to attend either event. Those of you that have association with either of Marc’s scheduled appearances at these locations, please notify those that require notice of this turn of events.

According to Sue Orchant, Marc was up early Sunday morning as is his normal custom. Sue told me that he was working in his office from about 7:30 AM until 8:10 when Sue says she heard a strange noise in Marc’s office. When she went to investigate she saw that Marc was not sitting in front of the computer like he normally does and was slumped over between his desk and a small couch that is in the room.

Initially, Sue said, she though he was leaning over doing something to their Golder Retriever but then she realized that he was not conscious. Fortunately, Sue has basic medical knowledge and after verifying that Marc was not choking and had a clear airway she began to perform CPR while their son, Jason, called paramedics.

The ambulance arrived in less than 10 minutes and technicians immediately took over performing CPR and administered treatment with a cardiac defibrillator. Marc was rushed into emergency open heart surgery where an angioplasty was performed to restore circulation in the blocked artery.

Sue went on to tell me that in spite of Marc’s apparent good health, he has severe occlusion in both his other arteries and they too will require treatment soon. That, however is a secondary concern as is the condition of Marc’s heart muscle. The primary concern and the question that cannot be answered until Marc regains consciousness is the nature or extent of any neurological damage as a result of insufficient oxygen reaching Marc’s brain.

While Marc still had what appeared to be normal color when Sue found him she is uncertain as to the exact time that Marc suffered the infarction. It is also unknown if Marc had stopped breathing or been without oxygen for any length of time prior to her discovery of the situation.

Currently Marc’s immediate family as well as his brothers and parents are in or on their way to Albuquerque to be with Marc. Sue has asked me to keep Marc’s colleagues and friends in the technology community updated as information becomes available. Please do not contact Sue for updates. I will publish any information that I have in multiple venues to keep people informed of any changes in Marc’s condition.

For those of you that wish to send flowers, cards, or other gifts, Marc is at:
Presbyterian Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit Bed #3
1100 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

the hospital switchboard number is 505-841-1234.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Marc and his family in this difficult time. Marc is one of the finest human beings that I have ever had the good fortune to know and I pray that Marc makes a full and speedy recovery.

About Oliver

Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.
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53 Responses to Marc Orchant Updates and Information

  1. Paul Marino says:

    I’ve never met Marc but he travels within circles of others I’m acquainted with. That said, I wish him and his family the very best in this difficult time and hope for his speedy recovery.

  2. Des Paroz says:

    Never met Marc F2F, but have spoken to him via Skype, IM and email many times. As a productivity geek blogger myself, Marc has always been one of the wise mentors, and his opinion is always one of the best, especially on productivity technology.

    I hope Marc gets well soon, and my thoughts are with him, his family, friends and colleagues.

  3. iHuman says:

    While I haven’t seen Marc in recent years, I know him from over 20 years ago, both when he worked freelance, and for Subia.

    Marc is a wonderful person. Please know that Marc, Sue and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    zocoloco studios
    nm adobe user groups

  4. andyabramson says:

    Marc and Sue remain in our thoughts for a speedy recovery and return to the blogosphere.

    CES just won’t be the same this year without you… get well and we’ll have to bring CES to you!

    Andy and Helene Abramson

  5. Jim McGee says:

    We finally connected F2F this year in SF. Looking forward to continuing those conversations. In the meantime, Marc and Sue are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Sue, I’m continuing to send my prayers, meditations and most positive thoughts to you, Marc, and your whole family for Marc’s ultimate recovery. I hope you might have seen an earlier comment I had made on the Blognation site, suggesting that you may want to play Marc’s favorite music (if you aren’t already), as studies have shown that music, sounds and positive comments made by loved ones can be heard by an unconscious person and may help them to awaken and recover. I’m saying this from my background working in music and arts therapies and sound healing. Just a thought…prayers and hugs continue.

    Cathryn Hrudicka

  7. Mike McGuire says:

    My wife and I consider Marc and Sue dear friends even though we don’t get to see each other that frequently.
    All of the Orchants and their family members are in our thoughts.
    Can’t wait to tear apart the N95 and N81 with you, Marc.

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  9. I work with Marc all the time, he’s a regular O’Reilly Conference attendee. His voice and charm are already missed. Marc…make a safe recovery, we’re all pulling for you!


  10. Jason Clarke says:

    Oliver, thanks for keeping those of us that consider ourselves friends of Marc (but only know him via email and web posts) in the loop in terms of his wellbeing. Having never met him in person, I can still say that he’s someone that truly embodies the term “good person”.

    We’re all pulling for you Marc. Next action: get better!

  11. Doug Haslam says:

    I just saw the update from Thurs evening (Dec 6). Very hopeful news! Will wait on facts as they come, but Marc’s reaction to stimuli and the results of the CT scan and EEG (I feel like I should put on a lab coat writing it like that, sorry) really fill us with optimism– no let-up on the thoughts and prayers, though, folks!

  12. I must tell you how thrilled I am to hear that the musical stimulation and “latke smell” stimulation worked with Marc, to some degree. Actually, in addition to recommending sounds and music, I was going to suggest smells that he would recognize, but it seemed premature. Now I’m so pleased and amused that someone tried it with the latkes! Glad the Dead are in the music rotation.

    There is solid scientific research that sounds and scents are the senses we lose last, so if more stimulation can be done in this area, being careful not to tire or stress Marc out, that might just wake him up. I am also so glad to hear there are no signs of a stroke or clots in the brain. Our ongoing prayers, meditations and most positive thoughts continue. If I were there, I would sing to Marc. There are some specific types of sounds I’ve had good luck with, in other medical situations. Bravo! Keep up the good stimulation.:-)


  13. P.S. There was just a good suggestion from Francine Hardaway to read to Marc, especially blog posts from friends. If there are stories, poems, podcasts, etc., that he would like, you could try those, too. Maybe we should all phone in audio recordings, and when he wakes up, seesmics!:-)

  14. PPS: One more suggestion—my friend, Francis Shepherd, told me in a Twitter message that he once brought a friend out of a coma:

    “I once woke a friend from a catatonic state with pressure points on feet. He had been restrained in bed on pysch ward in a coma for 5 days. It was a miracle of sorts.”

    So, touch on pressure points, smells, music and sounds, reading blogs and stories, podcasts or radio, talking to Marc—all these are well worth trying, with care.

  15. ryanski77 says:

    Mark is a beautiful human being through and through. He is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent and expressive people I have met. He travels in circles where ideas are measured in nano-seconds yet his love of sharing them is infinite.
    I wish him the best!

  16. Thank you so much for the updates Oliver. This last update made my week. Keep the updates coming. Please let us know if the family needs anything.

  17. Roni and Jim says:

    We are friends of Marc and Sue from Albuquerque. Sue and I exhibit together. Marc is a precious soul. We have been praying for him all week and keeping candles lit. Been using some healing techniques too that works on the etheric levels of one’s body to promote healing.

    One thing they are trying now with patients is giving them Ambien. For some reason Ambien is waking up comatose patients. It could be worth a try.,,1870279,00.html

    Thank you for updating his condition. We have a phone tree going on here in NM but your info is helpful. We are respecting Sue’s wish to not go down there. She is feeling very overwhelmed. She requested that people wait to come down. Also, please be aware that people in ICU cannot have flowers. I wanted to post a brief message so when Marc wakes up, he can see the total outpouring of love from all areas of his life. We love you Marc, Sue, Jason and Becca.

  18. Roni and Jim says:

    I am so so sorry to hear this news. We will be there for the family in whatever capacity they need. I too am wanting to conjure a miracle and my mantra is now “Marc open your eyes and have awareness.” Thank you for the update. Our collective heart is breaking.

  19. fredaa says:

    Does Marc’s family and friends have a free website entry for all interested parties to keep track of his progress and express their interest and support? This is a nationwide service with hospitals we have used two times with people on our community in this past year. A great interactive communication tool.

  20. Merredith says:

    Marc, I really really hope you wake up to read this. Zoe is doing much better, and sends her thanks for your good wishes a few weeks ago. Now it’s our turn. I am fortunate to have met you and to have gotten to watch your frank, calm gaze as you explained something — beautifully — to me. Our prayers and love and all the best energy we can find go to your family, you — and especially that very interesting brain of yours.

  21. Thanks for your updates, Oliver. Marc and his family have been in my thoughts and prayers since I first heard, the day after it happened. Marc, you have been a great friend and inspiration to me. We need you back, buddy!

    Love to all,

  22. Roni and Jim says:

    We went to see Marc yesterday. Things are indeed not looking too hopeful. It was very hard to see him connected to machines. Many hugs and tears were shared between us and his family. We said goodbye to him. Please pray for strength for his wonderful family. It is too heart wrenching to write more except to say, Marc, we love you. You are a prince, a gentle man, and a scholar who will never be forgotten. We keep hoping against hope for a miracle but we may not get one.

  23. After reading the two most recent updates, I can only imagine how difficult and heartbreaking this situation must be for Sue and the entire Orchant family. I’m sure we (his friends online) don’t know all of the medical information that you do, and I would not want to cause more stress by saying to still keep some hope alive. It has only been a week, and Marc has been through a very severe series of shocks and traumas. It seems possible that he may need more time for his body and brain to rest and cope with what has happened. Personally, I would not give up hope after only a week, but I say this knowing that different doctors may have different opinions. We’ve heard about patients coming out of comas after longer periods of time. I am sure the family and Marc’s medical caretakers are doing everything they can to help him.

    I will continue to tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, and pass the word about this web site and the donations. I’ll also continue to send healing thoughts, meditations and prayers for Marc and his family and many friends. Thank you, Oliver, for keeping us posted, and I’m sure this must be very difficult for you. We’re here in support for you, always.

    Hugs to everyone,


  24. pcassel says:

    Marc passed just a few minutes ago. I lost a good friend and the world lost a good person.

  25. Stacy says:

    Marc, The Giants beat the Eagles 16-13 unfortunately, Dallas won also. I so hate the Cowboys. The Saints, Cardinals & Vikings need to lose for our boys to get in. They play @ home against the Redskins then in Buffalo then New England.

  26. Thomas says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  27. Doug Haslam says:

    Echoing Cathryn- Oliver, thank you for keeping us up-to-date, even though the outcome was not what we prayed for. I can’t begin to feel what Marc’s closer colleagues, friends and colleagues are going through, but I am blue enough from my distance.

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  29. sending prayers, love, and courage to the Orchant family…

  30. DanB says:

    Bing someone that has known Marc since 1974 and basically grew up with him – thank you for your efforts and keeping everyone updated. The world lost a gem and I appreciate your taking the time to honor him by helping out. We MUST – MUST find a place to share our stories and the wisdom he gave us.

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  32. Colin Walker says:

    My heart goes out to Sue and the family. Marc will be sorely missed by many.

    I only ever dealt with him over the internet but his passion and zest were apparent for all to see and hear.

    May he rest in peace.

  33. I just read the news and cried. “Let’s rush to love the people, they’re gone too quickly” said one of the Polish poets. I’m happy we’ve managed to spend some great time with Marc and Sue this September in SF – and I genuinely believed we would see each other again. Can’t express how I regret we won’t. Marc is a great loss to the community but he will never be forgotten. He will remain in our hearts forever. Sue, Jason and Rebecca – hold on tight – we simply can’t imagine how painful it’s gotta be for you. Rest in Peace Marc,
    – Michal with Ewelina

  34. It is now about 2:00 a.m. in Berkeley, CA, and I just read that Marc passed away today. I am shocked and feel a deep grief, even though I did not know Marc the way his family and close friends did. My mother passed away in Albuquerque in December, 2003, after living there for years, and I remember the hospital where Marc has been receiving care from previous visits.

    Sue, if you ever need to talk with someone, I am not a stranger to your situation—I was widowed in 1990, and I can empathize with what you’re going through, even if the circumstances are somewhat different. Please consider me someone who is there for you and Marc’s entire family, even though we have not met in person. My heart goes out to you, and my hugs.

    Oliver, you chose a very fitting song to quote here in honor of Marc. We can only console ourselves by knowing that he is in a place of comfort now, and that even though we don’t understand the cruelty of this loss to us, there is a place in the universe where he will be going, and his spirit will remain with his family forever.

    Joining you in late night tears,


  35. schergr says:

    I don’t even know what to say. I’m stunned to hear that Marc has passed. While I didn’t know him personally (we never met in person), Marc and I were co-bloggers on the Microsoft Weblog at Weblogs, Inc. and IM’d from time to time on various things.

    He was always very warm and very friendly. Knowing that, I can only imagine the loss that his family and close friends are feeling. My heartfelt condolences.

  36. Wayne Pepper says:

    I had the great pleasure of working with Marc on a Getting Things Done seminar in Albuquerque in 2006 for the Golden Apple Foundation. I appreciated his heartfelt warmth and his passion for assisting youth in any way he could.

    He will be missed by us at the David Allen Company.

  37. Gina M. Euell says:

    We all loved Marc dearly. Sue, Rebecca and Jason–you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  38. Jim Parlett says:

    I never met Marc but I read everything I could find that listed him as an author on the web. His ideas fascinated me, and I was out trying to track down his latest efforts this evening when I read of his death. I’m sorry for his passing and my prayers are with his family.

  39. jeff rutherford says:

    i was lucky enough to have known marc for quite a while – one of his many non-blogger friends(i feel lucky to use the word “friend”).
    He taught me adobe illustrator in ’88 and helped put me on a good track for my life.
    I know one of his favorite grateful dead songs is “wheel”. if you get a chance, look it up, play it or hum a few bars – i know he’d appreciate it.

  40. Robert Walker says:

    Marc will be severely missed. His family is in our prayers.

  41. anon-user says:

    Please watch this kind message from Chris Pirillo on youtube.

  42. Silvia says:

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


  43. CCOULTER says:

    Thank you, Marc for the sweet spirit that you ALWAYS were ANYTIME we ever crossed paths. Thank you and Sue for being such loyal, loving and devoted fans of the Cad Bo & The Rhinestones band over the past 25 years…

    It is so difficult to comprehend that you have left us, but I can tell you that your loving and sweet spirit was surely present at your memorial service today.

    God bless you and your family and Shalom my friend…


  44. Jonathan says:


    I loved reading your Eulogy to Marc. It helped me feel a little more connected within the grieving process. As I have said before, this virtual grieving thing really sucks.

    I had heard him talk of OST in very loving terms. Thanks for everything you have done to help us all feel the strength from Marc’s extended community.


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  47. Dr. Steve says:

    Oliver – I’ve been a friend and professional colleague of Marc’s for a long time … nearly 18 years here in Albuquerque. I was moved by your eulogy at the memorial service on Wednesday, and thank you for those kind and loving words.

    I am compelled, however, to comment on a disturbing explosive diffusion of what I find to be rather insulting “information” in the blog world, best characterized by the following headline and text making exponential rounds like wildfire:

    “Warning ! Blogs could kill – Marc Orchant dies because of Blognation

    … However the interesting twist is that Marc Orchant was killed by this behaviour of Blognation.”

    “Amazing read .. just proves that blogs wield so much power, money and death (not necessarily in that order) in today’s world.”

    Frankly, I find that “information” to be insulting to Marc’s memory and legacy. it is distasteful,nasty, and inappropriate at this or any other time … it distracts people from the real issue – that Marc was, and is, a wonderful, loving, inspirational and caring friend, father, husband, colleague, and mentor. That is what should be left on the e-pages of the net, period.

    I am certain that Marc would not want that dis-information to overtake the wonderful things that have been written about him over the past week. You may not agree with my reaction to this “news,” but nonetheless I am asking that you consider writing something to de-fuse it, and try to end its diffusion. I believe that Marc would want that.

    Editor’s Comment: Dr. Steve, I completely concur with what you’ve said. I too find it incredibly distasteful that people have chosen to take this tragedy and mis characterize the events in the way you’ve noted. I don’t condone such a description nor have I made one like it myself. I think it’s in incredibly bad taste that people are taking this terrible tragedy and taking the opportunity to sensationalize it. I hope that other bloggers choose to exercise more discretion and better taste and focus instead on the real issues; the loss of a man of stature in the technology community and the unfortunate situation that he and the other blognation bloggers experienced at the hands of Scam Sethi. Hopefully in the future they will avoid coming to impossible to prove conclusions about the connection between these two sets of circumstances.

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  49. PhilA says:

    I met Marc at the MVP conference last year and we shared a few emails. I just read about Marc on jkontherun, and myself and my family send out condolences to Marc’s family. We are sad to hear about Marc. Best wishes.

  50. Kathryn says:

    This is tragic. Marc was one of the warmest, kindest most genuine people I’ve ever met. My last conversation with him was at DEMO Fall. I had just told Marc that I was pregnant and he filled me in on all the beautiful, life expanding aspects of being a new parent, saying it was the best thing that ever happened for him and Sue. There was no mention of lack of sleep/life/freedom that’s so typically offered. Just joy and love. He was always so warm and kind. Marc will be so missed. Sue – I’m sending you all my support and love. – Kathryn

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