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Op Ed of the Year (and a warning Obama must heed)

In today’s New York Times Nathan Thrall and Jesse James Wilkins write eloquently about JFK’s meeting with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna in 1961. According to the accounts of Kennedy’s aides and even Kennedy himself, the meeting was a disaster with … Continue reading

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The Worst Website Design I Must Use Often: Southwest Airlines

We all have a website that at times feels like the bane of our existence.  In my case that site happens to be Southwest Airlines.  Personally, I feel that it suffers from some uniquely bad work flow engineering and if … Continue reading

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Idiots With Lasers Result in Laser-Ban in Australia

If you can’t play with your toys properly, they get taken away. That’s the clear lesson we should all learn from the recent idiocy in Australia where it seems a few folks with IQ’s at least a standard deviation below … Continue reading

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Greeley, a Short Story

Editor’s note: Growing up my grand-dad had a feedlot in Greeley, Colorado. This short fiction is based upon events related to that property. Greeley The two men leaned against the fence staring silently over the long shadows of the corn … Continue reading

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Death By Blogging, and Other Tall Tales

It’s no surprise that half a dozen people sent me a link the Matt Richtel’s New York Times Article (login required) about the stresses of blogging and the toll it takes on one’s health. To his credit, Matt did attempt … Continue reading

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“Entity” Revealed in Disclose.TV Car Wreck Video

I was browsing videos on disclose TV recently and came across a rather bizarre clip. In the clip, which is being shot by the passenger in a vehicle headed down the highway, everything appears normal when suddenly, something falls from … Continue reading

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Did Sethi Ever Pay?

Recently, a number of folks have written me asking whether or not Sam Sethi, former CEO of Blognation, had ever made good on his promise (and contract) to pay me or any of the other bloggers that spent several months … Continue reading

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Seeking Legal Council or a Referral

This is a fairly unusual post, but then I find myself living in unusual circumstances at this time and thus I suppose it makes sense to use any means at my disposal to accomplish my goals. I am currently in … Continue reading

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