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US Armadas Steam Towards Iran while Georgian Conflict/Olympics Distract Russia, China

The fact that a situation Michel Chossudovsky, the author of the international bestseller America’s”War on Terrorism” Global Research, 2005. [21] , refers to as “The most serious crisis in modern history which in a very real sense threatens the future … Continue reading

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Just In from the “More Apple BS Dept” – Your iPhone has a Kill Switch

Yahoo is reporting that Steve Jobs has admitted to the fact that Apple has installed a “kill switch” on the new iPhone that allows the company to take action to remotely remove an application from the device. According to the … Continue reading

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AT&T Mobility Redefines “Now”. Andy Abramson Explains

I was just speaking with my friend Andy Abramson and he mentioned in passing that he’d just written a post that discusses AT&T Mobility’s strange use of the word now as it relates to the availability of the new iPhone … Continue reading

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Another NASA Official Goes On Record About ET Contacts…

The blanket of lies our government has used to cover up the truth about extraterrestrials is apparently starting to wear thin and even unravel entirely in some spots. The latest hole in the government’s story comes from Clark McClelland a … Continue reading

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