Thank You

I’d like to thank each and every person listed here for the generous donations that have been provided on behalf of Marc Orchant. I know that these funds as well as the love and support that each dollar represents will be deeply appreciated by Sue and the rest of Marc’s Family.

It is gratifying for me to see the warmth, kindness and true spirit of giving embodied by our community. We may be nerds but we’re still good people. I will continue to update this list as more donations come in.

If you’d like to donate yourself, you can do so here:

Personally, what you have each done means the world to me – your kindness will not be forgotten.

Oliver Starr

(if I have missed anyone, please let me know and I will add your name right away)


  1. Richard Lusk
  2. ThinkFree
  3. David Alan Company
  4. Foldera Corporation
  5. Kathryn Shantz
  7. Mark Lisson
  8. Michael McGuire
  9. Kim Smith
  10. Gyronix
  11. Paul Marino
  12. Steve Rubel
  13. Rowland Network Communications
  14. Jamie Riddell
  15. Cliff Richardson
  16. William Ortner
  17. pascal venier
  18. Reuben Daniels
  19. John Patton
  20. Jonathan Shiff
  21. Mike Butcher
  22. Bank Account
  23. Ewan Spence
  24. Neville Hobson
  25. Renee Blodgett
  26. Jacquiline Starr
  27. Penny Lim
  28. David Glumac
  29. Cancercode
  30. ThoughtFix LLC
  31. Sandeep Chawla
  32. Gary Chiert
  33. Steve Rubel
  34. Julian Goldman
  35. TJ Kang
  36. Lydhenter
  37. Alberto Lopez
  38. Diana Myint
  39. wibe wagenmans
  40. Edward Weismann
  41. Daniel Kolke
  42. Martyn Davies
  43. Svyatoslav Pidgornyy
  44. Eric Rice
  45. Matthew Miller
  46. Michael Shiplet
  47. Lee Wilkins
  48. Thanya Koednasan and Friends and Family
  49. Greg Lincoln
  50. Productivity Portfolio Newsletter
  51. Karim Ardalan
  52. Paul Marino
  53. Hanna Levanon
  55. Wayne Pepper
  56. Christopher Sloop
  57. Tariq Ali
  58. Joseph Wunsch
  59. Steven Fisher
  60. Jennifer Middlin
  61. Chris Winfield
  62. Antoine Wright
  63. Ian Betteridge
  64. Gold Creek,LLC
  65. Windsor Enterprises
  66. Lars Trieloff
  67. Kev Percy
  68. Nick Haslam
  69. Mark Loewenstein
  70. Andrew Abramson
  71. Robert Peake
  72. John Tokash
  73. Tristan Louis
  74. Douglas Sigmon
  75. Emmense Technologies
  76. Fred Beiderbecke
  77. Bank Account
  79. Alexander Falk
  80. Jane E Quigley
  81. Patrick Phelan
  82. Anthony Giancola
  83. Stanley Eley
  84. Steve Borsch
  85. kathy johnson
  86. Edentity
  88. Marjolein Hoekstra



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  3. Hi Oliver – nice blog for a cyclist! I spent a month out at Mount Diabilo some years ago and made friends with a lot of gophers. Or are you from the “shoreline” of Oakland?

    Are you still up to sending me an email so that I can reply with an attachment about what Pearltrees means to me? OK do it.

    High Regards, PJ

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