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“Entity” Revealed in Disclose.TV Car Wreck Video

I was browsing videos on disclose TV recently and came across a rather bizarre clip. In the clip, which is being shot by the passenger in a vehicle headed down the highway, everything appears normal when suddenly, something falls from … Continue reading

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Supplements for GTD?

I’m writing a series of posts on using dietary supplements to improve your health. The first installment just went up over at the GTD Times. If you have an interesting in which dietary supplements actually work and want to learn … Continue reading

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Can the Orion Project Disrupt a 200 Trillion Dollar Market?

Editor’s Note: The following press release announces the beginning of the Orion Project. This boldly audacious project, founded by Disclosure Project Creator and New Energy proponent Dr. Steven Greer intends to the world out of the dark ages of fossil … Continue reading

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Editing Marc Orchant’s Legacy: The GTD Times Goes Live

Getting Things Done was Marc Orchant’s passion.  Exceeded only by his love for his family and his sheer joy in teaching others.  Editing a blog focused on becoming the repository for all GTD knowledge and making it the defacto home … Continue reading

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Over the years I have had the privilege (or curse) to have used a number of operating systems including various flavors of Linux, many iterations of the Mac OS, Unix, Solaris and of course, Windows. During the past two years … Continue reading

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