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Sam Sethi and Twitblogs: What is Fact, What is Fiction?

Anyone that has followed the technology scene the past couple of years has probably read about the doings of Sam Sethi.  His reputation as well of the swath of destruction he’s carved through the online mediasphere has been nearly unparalleled. … Continue reading

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It’s True! Anyone Really CAN Become the President!

If there was any doubt that in this country anyone can become President that doubt was dispelled tonight during the Vice Presidential debate. I’m still shaking my head at the inane responses that Sarah Palin delivered in between mangling words … Continue reading

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Slippery Sam, No Show at LeWeb

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pat Phelan speaks eloquently here at Sam Sethi’s expense. Knock, knock, Sam? Are you there? Someone said you’re hiding under a patio somewhere. Well, dig in good and lay supplies away pal, because … Continue reading

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