Brave Moose Mother Fights Wolf Pack In Heroic, Tragic Battle To Save Calf (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

and what gives humans the right to interfere in a cycle that has preceded us by millions of years? Moose vastly outnumber wolves. This is nature and it is how nature works. What idiocy and hubris you must have to suggest that humans should interfere? And how is it any better that a human kills the much rarer animal, the wolf (or multiple wolves) vs a newly born moose calf? Which do you think imparts more value to the environment?

Wolves are called keystone predators for a reason. Not only do they improve the genetic fitness of the species they prey upon, but their kills provide food for:
– bears
– cougars
-ravens, magpies, jays, crows

Humans kill far more elk and moose than wolves and we take the biggest, the best, the healthiest – with every kill we destroy the strength of the species, with every kill the wolves improve it.

We should stay out of the way, and your comment simply proves you know next to nothing about nature. This is just another argument for why stupid people should be allowed to buy firearms.
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