The Ultimate Wolf Information Resource

Pearltrees is a place to collect, organize and share the things you care about. Please take a look at the resource I’ve curated here on wolves and if you share this interest, send me a team-up request and you can collaborate with me.

Wolves in Canids / Animalia / The Living World / Science / Oliver Starr (ostarr)

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2 Responses to The Ultimate Wolf Information Resource

  1. denise keeney says:

    I volunteer with the Minnesota based group Howling for Wolves. We are working to stop the wolf hunt in our state. I will work with anyone trying to stop this insanity.

  2. admin says:

    Denise, Howling for Wolves is Amazing! I know Maureen and Nancy! Your organization is also using Pearltrees very effectively for organizing and sharing wolf-related information. It’s a powerful tool and your team uses it exceptionally well!

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