US Armadas Steam Towards Iran while Georgian Conflict/Olympics Distract Russia, China

The fact that a situation Michel Chossudovsky, the author of the international bestseller America’s”War on Terrorism” Global Research, 2005. [21] , refers to as

“The most serious crisis in modern history which in a very real sense
threatens the future of humanity.”

has been all but completely ignored by the mainstream press should give you pause.

Why is none of this making headlines in any newspaper or on any major news show?

Why, even, do the avant garde Internet news sites appear to have completely missed what may well prove to be the most critical story to take place during our lifetimes?

In fact, skimming Google doesn’t even yield substantially relevant results until you go far down the first page and find a site called Newstim that contains links to a comprehensive report by Chossudovsky on what is happening in the region and why, as well as how certain other key world events (like the sudden conflict in Georgia) have been preemptively manufactured in an apparent effort to reduce Russia’s ability to respond to a serious military action taking place against their ally, Iran.

According to the very detailed analysis that Chossudovsky has prepared this has been a part of the Neocon “Project for a New American Century” since at least 2003.  As if this isn’t terrifying enough by itself, Chossudovsky goes on to say that a resolution to enforce a naval blockade against Iran was approved by both parties.  Did we  learn anything from the Iraq debacle?  Apparently not.

Or perhaps, as I am now beginning to believe, our government has been so completely subverted by the military industrial complex that it possibly resembles a junta more than it does the democratic government we believe it to be.

Further, it seems to me that whomever is pulling the strings at the top of the power pyramid – be it Bush, Cheney or some shadowy third party operating from behind the scenes – whomever it is, they can only be insane.

As inconceivable as it sounds these people are actually speaking of the possibility of a third world war as if this is a strategic consideration and not what it really would be which is likely the end of all life on this planet.

In order to grasp at even the most rudimentary level the outline of this very complcated picture you really must spend a half an hour reading Chossudovsky’s site that provides the situational analysis as well as the historical perspective that makes this grand chessboard somewhat understandable.  Understandable but incomprehensible.

The option to use nuclear weapons as a premptive first strike is even discussed.  I can’t believe that this is a sentence that I could possibly write truthfully but I kid you not.  Our country, the USA, land of the free, home of the brave is actually considering the option of using tactical nuclear weapons as a “peacekeeping mechanism”.  Forgive me for being obtuse but how in the world nuking a sovereign nation is a peacekeeping initiative doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me.

The “limited capability tactical nukes” which have only six times the power of the weapon we detonated on Hiroshima (six times more!) are said to “not impact civilians” because they are detonated under ground.  Okay, can someone please explain to me how this works?  Are we assuming that all Iranian soliders are sequestered away in deep underground facilities or that our accuracy with these WMDs is so perfect that we won’t have one rad of extra radiation hitting even one civilian?? Please.

I have been sick to my stomach ever since I read this report and began looking into this to see if the facts were really accurately stated (they are).

We need to stop for a moment and consider what is about to take place here.  The US is attempting to position itself as the controling body with the dominant position astride 2/3 of the world’s remaining oil reserves.  This, in spite of the fact that every bit of evidence we drum up supports the fact that out of control burning of hydrocarbons is causing escalating and unpredictable damage to our global ecosystem.  Damage that has the potential to threaten our way of life if not our very lives themselves.

So why are they spending hundreds of billions and perhaps even trillions of dollars to attempt to commandeer the last of the oil when they could be spending a fraction of that money to develop other renewable resources that would sustain us in a clean, environmentally responsible way?

The only reason I can come up with is that the people in power suffer from a form of greed that is so pervasive and so pathalogical that it is beyond all forms of reason, rational assessment or outside comprehension.  It is an all encompassing fervor that seems to put the fervor of the religious zealot to shame.

Such is the pervasive and diabolical groupthink that appears to grip the regime that is destroying our country that they don’t seem to care if they poison the planet, don’t seem to care that their actions may sentence their own families to the same hideous fate as the rest of us, and don’t even care that their plans may yield a future so brief and so terrible that all the money in the world won’t make one bit of difference where they are likely going.

In many ways, the worst part about all this is the feeling of complete powerlessness that grips me.  What can I do?  I can see where this awful path is leading and I am certain that others could too but what can we do against the massive and powerful war machine that Bush’s despotic regime controls?

I can ony come up with one answer to that question and it is this:

We must say “NO MORE” to Bush and his criminal cabal.  We must say “NO MORE” to these wars of aggression on foreign soil that are being brought about under false pretenses.  We must say “NO MORE” to the raping of this planet’s resources for the benefit of a few at the expense of many more.  We must say “NO MORE” to alliances that foster hatred and breed fear and distrust.

American’s are facing a critical decision here and we had better wake up and take a look around because if we don’t mobilize and mobilize quickly there’s a good chance that our next wake up call will be our last one.  Ever.

Please don’t let the media blackout on this information succeed.  Please repost this in full or in part or use it as the basis for your own posts.  Please email your friends and families and please, please speak up.  We must not be silent on this issue.  Even if we fail to get the attention of our own government the fact that the people of the United States of America do not support the continued aggression of our government upon other sovereign nations must be made known to the world.  We need to take action to remove from power the criminals that have corrupted our democracy, shredded our constitution, laughed in the face of international law and committed high crimes and treason here and  by their actions abroad.
By now it should be clear that every event that has taken place over the last eight years has been manufactured by Bush and his colleagues and we, the people of the US have been suckered and deceived again and again.

This time, though the truth is in the open and we’ll have only ourselves to blame if we fail to take action to preempt the disaster unfolding an ocean away.

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