Amazing Sports Footage and a Contest.

I just announced a weekly “Guess the Theme of These Videos” contest over at GTDtimes – the website I edit on the Getting Things Done system of organization and productivity developed by David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done: a Guide to Stress Free Productivity“.

To win the contest you need to determine what common theme is in each video and post your answer in the comments section of the post at I’m testing this out to see if readers like the feature so I expect to do this weekly for the foreseeable future.

I’m posting the videos here as well simply because these are some of the most awesome examples of human excellence that you might ever see. Incidentally, as of the time of this post no one has correctly identified this week’s theme (although several people have come very close to getting it).

Even if you don’t care about the contest, give yourself a treat and take a ten minute break and check these videos out. If you don’t find them awe-inspiring you are either one of the people in the videos or sadly already deceased (in which case I have to ask – what are you doing reading blog posts?) ..anyways, enjoy.
[YouTube: 360 360]

[YouTube: 360 360]

And because he’s so incredible some more Laird Footage for your viewing pleasure:

[YouTube: 360 360]

An extra hint since this one is proving difficult:

[YouTube: 360 360]

Lance Armstrong is “the man”. I had the privilege of racing with Lance for a number of years on the US National Team and competing against him as a professional- his intensity and desire to prevail are hard to put into words.

Imagine having 23 consecutive perfect days… Now imagine having those 23 perfect days at the same time each year for seven years in a row. This is beyond astonishing. It is probably beyond comprehension. The significance of this achievement cannot be reasonably compared to any other athletic accomplishment. Every other record simply pales in comparison. Think about what it takes to achieve this level of perfection and you’ll have solved my riddle for this week.

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