Looking for a New Gig… (anyone need a Biz Dev/Strategy/Evangelist/Blogger Type?)

Figured so long as I’m writing I might as well put the word out that I’m seeking a new gig. As the title says, the areas where I have the greatest experience and most useful connections are in the business development, strategy, evangelism and blogging arenas (although I have a fair bit of marketing and sales experience too).

From a location standpoint Northern California (the bay area) would be choice number one although Southern California (especially San Diego) wouldn’t be bad either. Bottom line, no location is off the table, it really depends upon the company and the particular opportunity.

I’m ready to start right away and with over a decade of start-up experience and the long list of contacts such a history must include I am more than ready to hit the ground running.

It should go without saying that I have excellent references which I am happy to provide upon request. I am also happy to send over a complete resume/CV in the event that you should have a position open that you think matches my skills. If this is the case, by all means send me an email (mailto: oliver@remove-this-first-owstarr.com) and we can open the discussion.

Beyond the business development type of position I’ve already described, I would also be extremely interested in talking to folks about any opportunities that might be available at a venture fund. I’d love to slot into an analyst or associate position should you have one open. With the amount of companies and technologies I have covered blogging the last several years in addition to my experience and connections I have a finely honed sense of what is going to be the new, new thing (if you doubt this please check out the post preceding this one for one verifiable example).

Incidentally, working for a VC would be a career move not a “job” for me. If there’s any place I would wish to work above all others it would be for another VC as I realized that over the last several years the most exciting, challenging, and enjoyable position I held was with a prior fund.

Please feel free to forward a link to this post to folks that you think might find it of interest – if you’re a recruiter and you’ve got a position for which I am suited, please feel free to contact me too.


Oliver Starr

About Oliver

Oliver Starr is a well known blogger, speaker and serial entrepreneur. His current blogging is focused on mobile technology and applications, green (eco-protective) technologies, and entrepreneurs and their companies. He is currently engaged as the Community Evangelist for Pearltrees.com, a new social curation tool. Oliver was also a professional cyclist and six time member of the US National Cycling Team.
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2 Responses to Looking for a New Gig… (anyone need a Biz Dev/Strategy/Evangelist/Blogger Type?)

  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.

  2. Raymond says:

    Hey Oliver,

    I really want to recruit you, however my business have not started yet.

    Its a web 2.0 website, I’m currently outsourcing the developing process to india.

    It’s expensive but I need it in order to finish the project.

    I tried to find here in our country, but it’s really hard to find great developers here. While on elance, It’s just a click away to find great developers.

    I really hope to have you in my team, I’m impressed from the things you have done lately.

    Lets just keep in touch.


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