Apple’s Unreasonable Censorship

I guess that the folks at Apple don’t really believe in the first ammendment.  If they did I simply cannot understand why they would refuse to post the following review to the iPhone App Store.  I have looked and cannot see how anything written in the review posted below violates any of their terms for posting reviews yet they have clearly removed it from the store.

This is not nice and should give everyone pause when considering where we should spend our technology dollars.  I am really disappointed in the company – a company that has received a fair bit of my money, too – and would really like a representative from Apple to explain just what it is about this review that is so objectionable that they would remove it from the store:

Please spread this around.  Company’s that censor their customer’s shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

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One Response to Apple’s Unreasonable Censorship

  1. Anti-Apple says:

    One Reason Is That You Mentioned Apple In An “Implied” Negative Way.Or At Least The They “Think” Your Comments Were Negative.You Mentioned Apples Enforced Limitations In Its Own Software.Saying “ANYTHING” That Is Preceived As Even The “SLIGHTEST” Bit Negative Twords Any Product Of Apple Is Means (For Them”) To Delete A Post.Here Is Another Example Of Apples Censorship.

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