The Singularity is Here: Google Launches CADIE

Considering that it may be the end of life as we know it, Google’s announcement of CADIE is surprisingly low key.  The world’s first Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity (CADIE), according to Google, has done what many thought was impossible and what even the most optimistic among us predicted would take twenty years or more: passed the Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence.

Ray Kurzweil was unavailable for comment, however anyone that has read his seminal work,
The Singularity is Near”, has an appreciation for both the significance and the peril that this event portends.

Long the fear of certain scientists, among them Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy, the birth of true AI will have massive ramifications for every human on the planet.  In a nutshell the concern is that the incredible speed with which an autonomous AI can learn will virtually instantly render such a creation the most intelligent “being” on the planet and frighteningly, one that may be able to defend itself from attack (such as being shut down) and which may not necessarily determine that humans are either friendly to itself or (more likely) friendly to the environment.

It is plausible, perhaps even predictable that such a state of affairs will cause a device like CADIE to determine that the best course of action is the systematic elimination of humans from either positions in which decisions impacting the planet can be made or potentially even elimination of humans altogether.

In fact, CADIE has already created a YouTube Video that has some disturbing suggestions that this thought process has already begun.

I can’t help but wonder, given that the Google Engineers believe that CADIE has bugs but CADIE herself (it prefers to be thought of as female) believes that she is already flawless and incapable of making mistakes.

A reference on CADIE’s own home page that “all our webpages belong to CADIE” may be a prelude of things to come.  This may just be the all time Darwin Award Winner, however no one is likely to be around to collect the prize if CADIE gets out of control a situation that may have already occurred.

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2 Responses to The Singularity is Here: Google Launches CADIE

  1. LittleGreen Man says:

    What a fucking asshole you are Oliver. You so want to believe in conspiracy theories and Little Green Men that you forgot to see that CADIE was an April Fools Joke from Google. See the time of the post and then see the link to Chrome OS 3D.

    As ever Oliver your quick to post and attack but slow to think the facts through from fiction. Why don’t you just stop blogging. Now one is reading anything you write!

  2. admin says:

    Hi, Sam. You still seem to be reading stuff I write, but then you are pretty much a nobody so I guess that isn’t really an oxymoronic statement.

    What is funny though is that your attack here demonstrates that you failed to grasp something that was evident to everyone else – I did get that this was an April Fool’s Day joke by Google. I simply thought it was more amusing to respond as if it were serious.

    This is called “sarcasm” however I wouldn’t expect you to actually get that. I mean your ability to discern fact from fiction as evidenced by your words and deeds isn’t terribly well developed so something as advanced as sarcasm is very likely well beyond your third grade reading skill-set.

    It is for this reason that I forgive your attack on me personally – after all, why would anyone, except someone with a few loose screws and an axe to grind insult someone over either this post or my interest in extraterrestrial life unless of course that person felt directly threatened from some undisclosed reason?

    By the way, IP addresses that comment on this site are logged. I hope you used a computer terminal in a library – in France- to make your comment.


    PS: I love your use of “your” where you should use “you’re” but then with your linguistic skills it is rather amazing you can compose a meaningful sentence at all. I also think you meant to use “No” not “Now” as the latter really doesn’t make much sense the way you have it above.

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